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The Definitive Innova Alien Review

Quick Review: Looking for a highly controllable, unique, torque-resistant midrange with a high fun value? The Innova Alien is the perfect disc for you!

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Innova Alien Overview

Innova Star Alien Disc Golf Midrange easy to throw disc golf disc for beginners

The Innova Alien is one of the three new discs Innova released in 2023 (Juggernaut and Rollo being the others) and while having a quirky design, the Alien is a workhorse on the course. Built with the same top as the Sonic and the flight plate/rim of a midrange, the Alien gives players a far-flying, stable flight path. Below we looked at the disc's characteristics and give you a full Innova Alien review to check out before you buy!

 Innova Alien Flight Path

Coming in with flight ratings of 4/2/0/1, the Alien is a stable midrange with low glide. The Alien comes in Nexus, Star, and DX plastic and is best for players who like extreme touch on drives up to or a little over 300ft, longer range approaches, and controlled distance putts. In our Innova Alien review, we found the flight numbers to be accurate in the control department, but the disc’s speed could be valued closer to a 5 like a Roc3. 

The flight path of the Innova Alien was stable with a steady fade off every throw. We found that the glide rating of 2 gave this midrange an extra boost with control as the disc would look to the ground relatively early in the flight. The Innova Alien flight path was consistent off both the forehand and backhand side, making this an excellent choice for players who throw off both sides. 

Innova Star Plastic Review

In our Innova Alien review, we found that the star plastic felt great in the hand in this mold. The Alien’s Sonic top gave the Star plastic a slightly malleable feel, which has more give than Star plastic in flatter profile discs like a Toro or Thunderbird. That being said, the plastic was still super grippy and the ridges on the top had a high utility when throwing the midrange hard. 

Innova Alien Review

Feel: As mentioned above, the Innova Alien has a great grip and provides a good hand feel in both the forehand and backhand. That being said, the Alien’s shape isn’t for everyone. For players who love the feel of a Sonic and the flight of a Roc3, the Alien might be the perfect disc. The rim is very thick and feels absolutely solid in the hand. If you’re a player who isn’t crazy about flat-top midranges, give the Innova Alien a try. 

Flight: With a flight rating of 4/2/0/1, our Innova Alien review found that this midrange flies further than the speed of 4 implies. The Alien is stable and torque resistant. It has the ability to shape fairways and holds tight hyzer the whole way. Overall the Alien is a workable midrange disc that has great maneuverability.

Top Innova Alien Characteristics 

Below is a list of the top Innova Alien characteristics.

  • Fun 
  • Torque Resistant
  • Low Glide
  • High Level of Control
  • Solid Feel
  • Unique

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