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The Distance Driver for Everyone: The New S-Line Discmania DD

Overview: The new Discmania DD is an 11 speed distance driver that is easy to control and bombs with low to medium arm speed.

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Discmania DD Overview

Looking for a disc to shape long fairways or put close to the basket on holes where big distance is needed? Look no further than Discmania’s new distance driver for everyone, the DD. Simply named the Distance Driver, the DD is a more controllable version of the new DD1. It’s flight numbers are 11/6/-3/2, making it a hair understandable, similar to the faster Discraft Hades

Discmania DD History

This isn’t the first time Discmania has released the DD. Much like most of their new “Originals Line” the DD is a release of a mold Discmania previously sold from the Innova factory. Previously nicknamed the “Hysteria” the DD was PDGA approved in 2008, making it one of Discmania’s oldest disc molds. The newest mold was approved in June of 2023 and is being released initially in Discmania’s S-line plastic. 

Discmania DD Review

Feel: The new Discmania DD has a neutral feel in the hand meaning it isn’t flat but it also does not have major dome. The DD feels fairly solid in a backhand grip but may feel too shallow for forehand dominant throwers with larger hands. Overall, the new Discmania S-line plastic gives the DD a soft, flexible feel and we imagine the DD will break in easily over time, giving it even more of an understable flight.

Flight: The Discmania DD is truly a distance driver for everyone. The disc flies very true to its 11/6/-3/2 flight numbers. What stands out the most with the DD is its glide. When thrown high with a bit of pace, the Distance Driver will stand up and stay in the air for longer than most discs. We found that even on lower power shots the DD still liked to glide rather than fall from the sky by its nose. 

In our Discmania DD review, when the disc was thrown on hyzer, it did one of two things. If thrown with medium pace, the Discmania DD will hold a steep hyzer and push forward or if thrown on a gentle hyzer, the distance driver will flip up to flat, push and land straight. If the DD is thrown on a hyzer with high power, the disc will more than likely flip up to flat and push forward with too hard of a hyzer finish. Thrown hard with a small hyzer or thrown flat, the DD will finish on a turn. 

Discmania DD compared to the Discmania DD1

The Discmania DD compared to the Discmania DD1 essentially is like comparing apples to oranges. The DD is glidey, easy to throw and sometimes more understable than expected, especially in windy conditions. The Discmania DD1 on the other hand is very overstable (especially in S-line plastic) and needs a high level of power to get it to fly straight. When thrown hard, the DD1 will still reliably finish on a fade and is the perfect distance driver where tight fairways need accuracy to hit. The DD compared to the DD1 is the glidey and touchy cousin. It’s a distance driver for everyone, especially in tailwinds and in the woods. Consider bagging both the DD and DD1!

Discmania DD Final Characteristics:

  • Maneuverable
  • Glidey
  • Bomber
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Fun to Throw

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