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Disc Review: Discmania Horizon DD1 vs S-Line DD1 Comparison

Quick Summary: The new Discmania DD1 is a stable 11-speed distance driver with 11/5/-1/2 Flight Numbers. The Horizon version of the DD1 tested as a slightly more stable distance driver compared to the S-line version. Both discs are workable and allow easy access to distance for players without DD3 or Destroyer levels of power or for those players who like the feel of a smaller rimmed distance driver. 

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The Discmania DD1

Discmania released a number of new discs under their Originals Line this year, including the disc reviewed in this article, the DD1. The Discmania DD1 is a brand new distance driver for Discmania and is quoted as being a more user-friendly DD3. A number of touring pros have gravitated towards the DD1 for its workable line control aspects, namely Casey White, who bags two of the distance drivers. Eagle McMahon is also quoted as saying that “...the DD1 is the DD3’s younger and hungry brother.”

Discmania Horizon Plastic

Discmania Horizon plastic is the Swedish brand’s answer to Innova Halo plastic and Latitude 64 Orbit plastic. The new plastic was first introduced to the public with the Horizon DD1 in Discmania’s Stratosphere Edition Mystery Boxes. Horizon plastic, shown in the picture below, is a two-toned plastic configuration, with the outside rim featuring a swirled, offset color from the interior. The plastic is grippy, durable, and stiff feeling in the hand.

Discmania Horizon DD1 distance driver

Discmania S-line Plastic 

In Early 2023, Discmania released their new S-line plastic. Players familiar with Discmania plastic will find discs made in S-line most similar to Innova Star plastic. The new Discmania plastic is slightly more flexible than Horizon plastic and therefore offers a softer feel in the hand with plastic that will beat in faster than C-line or Horizon’s stiffer blend. 

Discmania S-Line DD1 distance driver

Discmania Horizon DD1 Review

Feel: The Discmania Horizon DD1 has a relatively small rim and shallow flight plate which feels perfect in the hand compared to the sometimes overwhelming wide rim size of a distance driver. The Horizon DD1 has a slight pop top, making this disc feel like an excellent fit on the backhand side. Overall, the plastic is stiff, yet soft and grippy in the hand. 

Flight: The Discmania Horizon DD1 flies mostly true to its flight numbers of 11/5/-1/2 with a slightly more overstable flight than the -1/2 implies. The Horizon DD1 compared to its older brother, the DD3, covers more ground with less effort, similar to how an Innova Wraith compares to a Destroyer. 

On the course, the Discmania Horizon DD1 was demanding but extremely useful in situations where tighter distance lines were needed. The lines where the Horizon DD1 excelled were long and tight S Curve shots. The disc was able to turn without burning over and leaking too far off the intended path. Another positive note regarding the flight of the Horizon DD1 was the soft finish. Many overstable distance drivers tend to fade hard into the ground at the end of their flight but this disc faded gently while still remaining true to its intended stability. 

Discmania S-line DD1 Review

Feel: The Discmania S-line DD1 compared to the Horizon DD1 is more supple and has a flatter profile. While the S-line isn’t a truly flexible disc, it has a touch more give and bend than Horizon plastic. For the particular disc reviewed, the S-line DD1 was flatter than its Horizon cousin, making it a solid-feeling disc for forehands. 

Flight: Upon initial testing of the S-line DD1 vs. Horizon DD1, the two discs were more similar than different. It’s our impression that the S-line plastic will over time wear down quite a bit faster, mellowing the flight of the disc to neutral. For players who like to cycle discs, the S-line plastic is perfect, as multiple of the DD1s can be bagged with each disc offering different flights. 

While the differences between the S-line DD1 and Horizon DD1 weren’t huge, there were still some differences between the two distance drivers. For one, the S-line DD1 was a touch less stable and offered more access to distance. Where the Horizon DD1 excelled in tighter distance lines, the S-line model showed its strengths in wide-open fairways with much higher room for error. The disc took much longer coming out of a turn and held flat longer, eventually landing on a straighter line. The S-line DD1 may be ideal for players looking for a more controllable forehand driver or a long, bombing backhand driver. 

Final Thoughts on the Discmania Horizon DD1 vs. S-line DD1

Regardless of which plastic you prefer, the two discs are a success for Discmania. The DD1 is a perfect disc for those players who don’t want the stability of a DD3 but who still want the distance of a distance driver. The DD1 in both Horizon and S-line plastic is workable and fun, allowing players to hit their intended distance lines without the need for Eagle McMahon levels of power.

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