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The Future of Disc Golf - Recycled Discs

Welcome to the future of disc golf. It’s time to shop for recycled discs from Disc Golf Deals USAs online disc golf store and help do your part in making the world a better place! From Discraft’s line of Recycled ESP, Trash Panda’s latest molds like the Dune and the Ozone, MVP’s line of R2 Plastic and much more, we’ve got a huge selection of recycled disc golf discs for sale! Recycling is the age old process of collecting, reusing, and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away and using them to create something new. Take a look at Trash Panda’s “How to Make a Disc” video below to understand the process of turning recycled plastic into discs!


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The Process of Recycling Plastic

shows the various stages of the process it takes to make recycled disc golf discs

Processing plastic for recycled discs may be different for each manufacturer but let’s take a look at some general procedures that are standard across the board. First, the plastic must be sorted and categorized. Once all the old plastic is collected and any toxic materials are discarded, the materials are sorted based on their composition. Most plastics are labeled as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), HDPE (high-density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) so it’s important to make sure you’re not recycling mismatched composites. Next, the plastics are shredded into smaller pieces and washed. Dirt, labels and other contaminants can interrupt the process of recycling. 

Once the plastics are sorted, shredded and cleaned it’s time for some fun! Extrusion is the process of melted and formed into tiny pellets. These extruded bits of plastic are the basis for new plastic materials. Finally, with the old plastic now sorted, cleaned and made into tiny pellets, it’s time to form them into whatever products the manufacturer has planned. In the case of our sport, brands like Discraft, MVP and Trash Panda will use the pellets for recycled disc golf discs! 

Benefits of Recycled Disc Golf Discs

recycled disc golf disc surrounded by checkmarks to highlight the benefits of recycling discs

Recycled materials and disc golf discs have obvious value when considering their impact on the environment. The first and easiest to understand benefit is the conservation of our natural resources. By reusing materials that have already been created we’re avoiding the application of carbon burning manufacturing processes that rely on natural resources to create new materials. Simply put, by reusing plastic for recycled disc golf discs, we avoid using more petroleum and natural gasses. This also results in more energy being saved, reducing the overall greenhouses put into the atmosphere and reduces wastes. By giving a plastic cap or an old disc a second chance, we can help make the air we breathe cleaner, keeping the courses we love greener in the process. 

Are Recycled Disc Golf Discs Good? 

man thinking about whether recycled disc golf discs are worth it

While we know that recycled discs are already good for the environment, the questions remains: Are they good to throw? The answer is yes. We’ve tested discs like the Trash Panda Ozone, Dune and Inner Core as well as some awesome R2 Neutron plastics from MVP like the Crave and Envy. Much like any disc, they have different flight characteristics that are relative to their molds and plastic types. The MVP R2 Envy is overstable compared to Neutron and Plasma plastic and offers wonderful grip in all weather conditions. The Trash Panda Dune and Inner Core are personal favorites of ours and have dead straight flights and are always reliable when thrown properly. 

A good flight is always subjective to the user and a recycled disc golf disc performs much like any other disc. One of the great features to be aware of in these discs is that although they use recycled plastic, their quality and durability remains extremely high. For instance, the Elevation Eco lines use 30% post consumer tire rubber and if you’ve ever held an Elevation disc in your hands, you know they both fly great and feel amazing. R2 Neutron plastic from the MVP factory is composed from reused discs not suited to their Lab Second line and other bits of plastic from their disc manufacturing process. These discs offer a specific feel to them and great durability!

Buy Recycled Disc Golf Discs and Help Do Your Part!

image of a recycled plastic disc on top of a recycling emblem

Recycling is great and with the wide variety of recycled disc golf discs for sale, you can help keep our environment clean and healthy easier than ever. From Westside’s line of Revive plastic, MVP’s R2 Neutron, all of Trash Panda’s discs and Discraft’s new Recycled ESP, the options are endless. Our inventory of recycled discs is always growing and at Disc Golf Deals USA our disc golf shop is one of the best around. Have you tried a recycled disc? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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