Upcoming MVP Releases

Upcoming MVP Releases

MVP has given the disc golf community a lot to smile about recently. With the signing of Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon to the team, the releases of the Time-Lapse, Pixel and the new Prism Proton “Rebirth” Envy, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and add new discs to your bag. In the coming months, Disc Golf Deals USA will have new MVP discs for sale, such as the Streamline Parachute, Axiom Pitch and Tempo, and the MVP Trail and Detour. Below we take a look at each of these discs and how they might fly out on the course!

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Streamline Parachute and Axiom Pitch

It’s as if MVP has ESP or simply knows exactly what the disc golf community wants with the releases of the Streamline Parachute and Axiom Pitch. These two discs are essentially Glitch copies with minor but awesome changes. The Streamline Parachute will feature all of the great Glitch like catch-and-throw characteristics without an overmold. Players who love the glitch but prefer a more traditional feel may gravitate towards a Streamline Parachute. 

Next on the release deck for MVP is the Axiom Pitch. The Pitch is what Gyronauts have been asking for: a more colorful Glitch. MVP is known for simplistic design while their Axiom branch utilizes colorful rims, making their discs standout from the rest of their line-up. One can only hope for a Prism Proton Pitch!

MVP Trail and Detour

Backhand dominate players will love this new disc release. MVP is dropping two new James Conrad signature discs, the Trail and the Detour. Many players may already have the SE Detour that was released in the latest GyroPalooza box and those that don’t will have a chance to buy a stock MVP Detour very soon! The Detour is a straight to understable mid-range with tons of glide and easy control. Players familiar with the Discmania Midnight Prowl or Thought Space Athletics Aura Mana will love the Detour’s smooth and workable flight. 

The James Conrad Trail adds a new addition to the MVP fairway driver slot. Initial predictions have given this disc a speed of 10 with a slight overstability. We imagine that since Conrad leans on the backhand, the Trail will most likely have a shallow feel to it, perfect for backhand drives off the tee and touchy control shots in the fairway. 

Axiom Tempo

The Axiom Tempo was released last year as a 2023 Circuit Challenge disc. It looks to be getting a wider release in 2024 and for good reason. The Axiom tempo is an overstable putter, similar to a Discraft Zone or Innova Toro. It’s flight numbers put it at a 4/4/0/2.5 making it a perfect compliment to the MVP Entropy. Initial tests have shown that the Tempo is board flat and an awesome, workable wind fighter. Keep posted and check out Disc Golf Deals USAs drops and new releases for the stock run Axiom Tempo.

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