Paige Pierce Drive | Dickerson Buzzz | Gannon Undertaker | FR Kratos

Collection: Paige Pierce Drive | Dickerson Buzzz | Gannon Undertaker | FR Kratos

Discraft is going big on the releases in April 2024 with the Paige Pierce Proto ESP Drive, Robot Chicken Buzzz, Z Swirl Missy Gannon Undertaker and First Run Paul McBeth Kratos! 

Here are the full details of the releases:

Paige Pierce ESP Prototype Drive

The latest in the PP line-up is here, the Drive in ESP plastic! This is an 11-speed driver that slots right in-between the Zeus and Surge SS in terms of stability and speed. This is going to be a power driver in that Wraith slot for bigger arms, while for some it will be the most overstable driver that they need in their bag. The Drive is going to be a hit with that hybrid between a fairway and full distance driver, so snag yours today! 

Chris Dickerson Z Swirl Robot Chicken Buzzz

Chris Dickerson, Mr Robot Chicken, is back with another awesome Buzzz release, this time in Z Swirl plastic. Another sick stamp on this, and the new plastic will make a great variation of stability and the different swirls of Z plastic that get better with every run. 

Paul McBeth First Run Kratos

The Kratos, the 7th disc in the McBeth line-up, is back for another round, now as a First Run in rubber blend plastic. This should be pretty similar to the Proto runs, but we often see small changes in stability between Proto & FR editions, as Discraft will sometimes slightly retool the mold between these two production runs. This is your chance to collect them all, secure your First Run Kratos today! 

Missy Gannon Z Swirl Undertaker (USWDGC Champion)

Big Money Missy is now Big Major Missy! Missy Gannon took down the US Women's last weekend, and as a result Discraft has commemorated this awesome win with a new release of the Z Swirl Undertaker with her custom stamp on it. Missy has a reputation that she shows up for the big ones, and this last weekend was no exception. Support her awesome efforts on tour by snagging this commemorative run! 

Quite the line-up of releases! Come and pre-order your favorites now for shipping and release on April 26!