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Loft Gamma Glow Bohrium

Loft Gamma Glow Bohrium

Speed: 14 | Glide 6 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 3
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The second disc in Loft's lineup! This is a special one - another piece of cutting edge technology, following on from Loft's Hydrogen - the World's Straight Disc Golf Putter.

Bohrium is a maximum distance driver with a slightly overstable flight and incredible speed. This speed is a result of our new design concept: The rounded rim.

The rounded rim driver improves grip for wide rim drivers, and dramatically reduces drag while maintaining lift compared to sharp rim drivers. Therefore, the rounded rim makes the disc fly farther before it loses speed compared to a similar width conventional rim.

While giving a unique feel in the hand, and a comfortable (albeit different) grip, the Bohrium is meant to be one of the furthest flying discs, if you have the arm to get it up to speed.

Flight Ratings: Speed 14, Glide 6, Turn -1, Fade 3

About the plastic: Gamma is LOFT's glow plastic, and it is up there with some of the best in the game! This has a very similar feel to the Alpha plastic, and is very premium and durable - but with that added glow-in-the-dark effect. Perfect for those glow rounds at night!

Bohrium raised more than 195,000 EUR on Kickstarter. See more info here!


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Customer Reviews

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Garret Poissant
It's Unique...

Loft set out with a mission to reduce drag by smoothing out specific edges of the disc and minimize turbulence. The Bohrium is a prime example of their experimentation with the concept that works as advertised...but not without its' faults. First off all, this disc does fly well with little effort and the reduced drag effects may be seen on both initial release and tail end of the flight with interesting glide pathing. Predictable, and enjoyable to watch even if it doesn't go very far. However, due to the smoothing of the underside of the rim, this disc is more difficult to grip than even a shallow fairway driver. I throw a lot of Leopard and Leopard3 discs with my smaller hand size, and those don't even feel as shallow as this does. It wants to slip out so early, that griplocking almost becomes the play in order to not have the shallowness and curved rim slide out of the hand. This could cause inconsistent releases, especially in colder temperatures where decreased grip strength becomes a factor, and those early releases mentioned earlier resulting in a flight that looks like a beginner trying to throw a PD2 or a Nuke OS with little distance to boot. It's definitely one to keep around as a show-off disc, but does not make the cut to be in the bag due to those grip issues. Even when it does fly, it's not much further than any of my other distance drivers to really stand out and prove the Bohrium's unique profile concept showing any practical improvement over standard profiles. Still keeping it around as a fun thrower and the glow is decent, just don't expect it to last long or glow that bright.