Captain’s Raptor vs. Tour Series Raptor vs. Z Raptor

Captain’s Raptor vs. Tour Series Raptor vs. Z Raptor

The new 2024 Discraft Tour Series is here and our disc golf store has plenty in stock to fill your bag. To help your buying experience, we reviewed the new 2024 Discraft Aaron Gossage Raptor, the 2024 Paul Ulibarri Captain’s Raptor and a stock Paige Pierce Z Raptor. Both the Gossage Raptor and Z Raptor have identical flight numbers while the Captain’s Raptor has a bit more built in stability. On top of that, the 2024 Discraft Tour Series discs are both made in the new Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic, giving them a nice gummy grip and one of the prettiest looks on the course. After reading our review and watching the video down below, head over to our store where we’ve got tons of Discraft discs for sale!


Watch the video to see the Discraft Raptors in action! 


How They Fly on Hyzer

Starting with the 2024 Captain’s Raptor, we found this disc to have the most overstability. It’s numbers are 9/3/1/4, meaning it wants to fight to the ground as fast as possible with little to no turn. On hyzer, that meant the Captain’s Raptor was first to the ground out of the three and would always cover the least amount of distance. Meanwhile on the Raptor side, we found some interesting flight characteristics for these two Discraft discs. For one, the 2024 Discraft Tour Series Raptor flew much straighter than we anticipated. If you’re looking for a bomber Raptor, this may be your choice. The stock Discraft Z Raptor flew with a nice in between stability to the other two, with a stable but controllable hyzer flight!

How They Fly on a Flat Angle

All three Discraft discs from our disc golf store inventory flew really well on a flat angle and fit well in the same bag when shaping different fairways. The 2024 Captain’s Raptor holds a straight line for a surprising long time but has a characteristic dump for the 4 fade. The Discraft Tour Series Raptor held straight for much longer than the others, picking up quite a bit of distance mid flight before fading hard and skipping off the ground far. The Stock Z Raptor was just in between, with similar distance and ground play to the Jawbreaker Z FLX Raptor.

How They Fly on a Forehand Flex Angle

This was a fun angle to work on all three of these Discraft Discs. Much like a Dynamic Discs Felon or Innova Firebird, stable 9 speeds like this are made for shot shaping. The 2024 Captain’s Raptor flew with the least amount of room in it’s turn, covering the least amount of distance before it faded to the finish. The 2024 Discraft Tour Series Raptor gave the largest S shape and also flew the furthest. While the discs flight numbers are 9/4/0/3, we found it to fly more closely to 9/4/-1/3, similar in flight to a Sexton Firebird. The Stock Z Raptor was again, in between both, with a tighter S curve but similar distance to the Tour Series Raptor. These stock Discraft Raptors for sale are flat and fit the hand really well in forehand. 

Final Thoughts on the Captain’s Raptor vs. Tour Series Raptor vs. Stock Z Raptor

These three Discraft discs are all great and will fit in your bag without much overlap. The Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic is amazing and provides a next level amount of grip that many players will love in both forehand and backhand. The most recent run of Stock Z Raptors are super flat and offer a superb level of stability that all Raptor throwers will love. Our take? Buy all three from the Disc Golf Deals USA disc golf store and find out which suits your throwing style the best.

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