Disc Golf Drops & Releases Overview: October 2023 - Disc Golf Deals USA

Disc Golf Drops & Releases Overview: October 2023

Quick Review: This October has come with some seriously awesome new disc golf disc releases. Read about some of the best new putters, midranges and drivers below!

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October 2023 Disc Releases Overview

There are few better feelings in this world than opening up a box of brand new disc golf discs. Disc Golf Deals USA has you covered for all the new October disc golf disc releases. From the new 2023 MVP GYROpalooza box, the Simon Lizotte Time-lapse pre-order, Discmania Horizon MD1 and the Discraft Zone-GT Battle Pack there are more than enough new disc golf discs for sale to please any player! Let’s a take a look below at a few key October disc releases in each category.

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New Putter Releases

Below are the October 2023 new putter releases, all of which are available (or ready for pre-order) at Disc Golf Deals USA. The disc golf putter is a sacred spot in any players bag and finding the right putter is key to unlocking your games potential. Use our guide to find the best new disc golf putter for your bag!

Axiom Total Eclipse Proxy

The Axiom Total Eclipse Proxy is one of the best disc golf putters on the market for a few reasons. 1) It’s beautiful. From the stamp to MVP’s new color glow plastic in the Total Eclipse plastic, this disc is gorgeous. 2) It compliments a Neutron Proxy perfectly, giving players just a bit more stability with a faithfully straight flight. 3) The Total Eclipse plastic feels as good as it looks. This new Axiom Proxy is slightly stiff but not hard in the hand and looks to have a high level of durability!

Buy a Total Eclipse Proxy, here!

Discraft Zone-GT Battle Pack 

Probably one of the most anticipated releases of 2023, Discraft has released two versions of the Zone with modifications. They released a Banger-GT topped Zone, with a circle shaped divot in the flight plate as well as a Ringer-GT Zone with a beveled edge. Both have similar stabilities to your standard Discraft Zone but offer differences in hand feel. The fun part? Discraft is asking the players that buy this pack to scan the barcodes on the back of their favorite disc. Whichever disc gets the most scans makes it to normal production. The other gets canned.

Buy the Zone-GT Battle Pack, here!

New Midrange Releases

Discmania Horizon MD1

One of the best new disc golf midranges to grace the market since the MD1’s release, the Discmania Horizon MD1 looks to continue that legacy. The Discmania MD1 is a straight, point-and-shoot midrange with tons of glide. Available in plenty of plastics now like, C-line, S-line and now Horizon, the MD1 is perfect for any player. Discmania Horizon plastic is great and this new disc should be one of the best disc golf midranges on the market! 

Buy a Discmania Horizon MD1, here!

New Fairway Driver Releases

Discraft First Run Z Cicada

Do you like to throw straight and far? Try the newly released Discraft Cicada. The Cicada is one of the best new disc golf fairway drivers on the market. The disc has the perfect mix of turn and stability, giving it a high level of utility in a multitude of situations. Players who throw the Discmania FD or Axiom Crave might appreciate the Discraft Cicada and should definitely give it a throw!

Buy a Discraft Z Cicada, here!

Elevation Glo-G Gecko & Elevation Glo-G Binx

Elevation hit the market with a purpose when they first arrived on the scene. Elevation primarily makes discs with highly flexible rubber, which gives the discs an interesting flight and hand-feel. This October, Elevation is dropping two of their popular molds, the Gecko and the Binx, in Glo-G plastic. Glo-G is a slightly stiff rubber blend with added glow, so you can feel comfortable adding your favorite Elevation discs to your glow bag! 

Buy an Elevation Glo-G Gecko, here and an Elevation Glo-G Binx, here!

New Distance Driver Releases

Discraft ESP FLX Nuke

If you’re like us, you love throwing far. The Discraft Nuke is one of the most popular and best disc golf distance drivers on the market. Thrown by pros like Aaron Gossage, Ezra Aderhold, Anthony Barela and many more, the Nuke is as consistent as it is great. Discraft ESP FLX plastic is special blend of ESP with slightly more flex than the base version plastic. This gives the disc a great hand-feel in colder weather, while still maintaining the ability to hold a stable flight. This Discraft ESP FLX Nuke will surely be one of the best disc golf distance drivers for your bag this winter!

Buy a Discraft ESP FLX Nuke, Here

Axiom Simon Lizotte Neutron Time-Lapse (Stock & SE Pre-Order)

If you read our MVP GYROpalooza article (read it, here!) or have seen any of Simon Lizotte’s new Vlog’s, you already understand the hype around this disc. Built with 100% of Simon Lizotte’s input, the Axiom Neutron Time-Lapse will hands down be the biggest release of 2023 and is almost guaranteed to instantly be one of the best disc golf distance drivers available. Axiom’s first 12 Speed driver, this disc is as close to an Innova Destroyer or Discmania DD3 as you can get but with added Gyro-technology and Simon Lizotte’s brain behind it! 

Pre-order an Axiom Simon Lizotte Neutron Time-Lapse in Stock, here or the Special Edition, here.

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