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Discmania Stratosphere vs. Latitude 64 Gold vs. Innova Halo Comparison

Quick Summary: We tested three drivers in “Halo” plastic: The Innova Halo Wraith, Latitude 64 Orbit Grace, and the Discmania DD1. We compared their feel and flight, giving out ratings on based on their standout features.


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Comparing Disc Golf Disc Plastic

A disc golf discs plastic in many cases can inform how the disc flies and change its flight path from one plastic versus another. For instance, an Innova Wraith (tested in this article) may fly extremely overstable in the Halo plastic versus understable in the DX plastic. Many plastics beat in quite a bit faster than others too, so some plastics not only have short term benefits but long term ones as well.

The Discs We Compared

For this disc golf disc comparison article we tested three discs with similar flight numbers from different manufacturers. Each disc tested was brand new, within the 173 - 175 gram range and featured each brand’s version of “halo” plastic. 

Innova Halo Wraith: The Innova Wraith is a longtime favorite distance driver for players who are looking for more control than the Innova Destroyer can offer. The Wraith was officially approved in 2005 and is bagged by almost every Innova pro on tour. The version tested for this comparison was the 2023 Garrett Gurthie tour series Halo Wraith with a subtle dome to this disc. The Halo Wraith sports 11/5/-1/3 flight numbers, making it an overstable distance driver.

Innova Halo Star Garret Gurthie Signature Series Wraith

Latitude 64 Royal Grand Orbit Grace: The Latitude 64 Grace, approved in 2020, is a smooth, stable distance driver from the Swedish brand. The disc has flight numbers of 11/6/-2/1, making the Latitude 64 a far gliding and controllable distance driver. The version tested for this comparison article was the Kristin Tattar 2022 Signature Royal Grand Orbit Grace. 

Latitude 64 Kristin Tattar Orbit Grace

Discmania Horizon DD1: First, a special edition disc offered only in Discmania’s Stratosphere mystery box, the Horizon DD1 was reoffered to the market in small quantities coupled with the release of the S-line DD1. The Discmania DD1 is most similar to the Latitude 64 Grace with one glide rating lower at 11/5/-2/1. 

Discmania Horizon Stratosphere DD1

What is Halo Plastic?

Innova originated the plastic blend we know today as Halo plastic. The plastic blend was formed by injecting the mold with two different kinds of star plastic which create a “halo” effect around the rim of the disc. The result is a stiff, grippy and highly durable plastic that has paved the way for other companies to create similar blends like the Orbit and Horizon plastic tested here.

Discmania Horizon vs. Latitude 64 Orbit vs. Innova Halo Comparison

The comparison of these plastics relied on feel and flight as the main differentiator in this short term test. Our comparison test involved throwing in the field and on the course to see how each plastic reacted to a number of lines relative to their given flight numbers.

Innova Halo Plastic Review

Innova Halo Feel: Innova Halo is consistently grippy and soft in the hand. Compared to Innova Star Plastic, Halo plastic is stiffer in the hand while still providing the same amount of give that Star has. The stiff, grippy halo blend offers good hand feel in all weather conditions, where a plastic like Champion is usually too stiff for cold conditions.

Innova Halo Flight: The Innova Halo Wraith provided a consistent, stable flight with plenty of distance. Compared to a base S-line Wraith, the Halo blend allows the player to max out their distance with long S-curves and hyzer flip ups that don’t turn away from the target easily. The Halo Wraith is overstable without being a beefcake. 

Latitude 64 Orbit Review

Latitude 64 Orbit Feel: While there isn’t a large difference in the feel of Halo, Orbit and Horizon plastic, the one pronounced difference we found in the Kristin Tattar Grace was its tackiness. All three of the distance drivers were grippy, but the Orbit plastic just seemed to have a bit more tack, meaning it was less slick in the hand. The plastic landed right in the middle off all three in terms of its softness.

Latitude 64 Orbit Flight: The Latitude 64 Orbit Grace played the least stable compared to the Wraith and the Discmania DD1. The 6 rated glide number didn’t seem to have a considerable amount of effect on the disc but may have aided in the discs likeliness to turn during a full flight. 

Discmania Horizon Review

Discmania Horizon Feel: The Discmania Horizon plastic and the Latitude 64 Orbit plastic compared nearly equal, with the Horizon plastic being a touch more slick and stiff in the hand. Comparing all three discs, the Horizon may have the stiffest feel in the hand. 

Discmania Horizon Flight: The Horizon DD1 played stable without having the overstable dump of the Halo Wraith. The disc flew true to its numbers and played especially well when thrown hard on flat lines. The disc tended to turn after flat but pushed forward back to straight nearly every time, finishing with a fade forward.

Discmania Horizon vs. Latitude 64 Orbit vs. Innova Halo Rating

All three discs performed outstandingly well in this comparison and because of that, we would recommend trying each and picking which disc suits your game the best. The plastics from each manufacturer all had similar feels with small differences setting them apart. From the Halo’s soft feel, the Orbit’s tackiness and the Horizon’s stiff flight plate, all plastics look great and feel even better. 

Below is a breakdown of how we rated the discs and plastics:

Softest Feeling Plastic: Innova Halo

Tackiest Plastic: Latitude 64 Orbit

Stiffest Plastic: Discmania Orbit

Best Looking Swirls: Innova Halo

Most Overstable Disc: Innova Halo Wraith

Least Stable Disc: Latitude 64 Orbit Grace

Most Distance Potential: Discmania Horizon DD1

Most Controllable Disc: Discmania Horizon DD1

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