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Disc Review: Discmania Color Glow C-Line P2

Quick Summary: We tested the New Discmania Color Glow C-Line P2 and tested its feel and flight. We also gave the P2 our personal flight numbers.

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After release, the Discmania P2 quickly gained popularity due to the very stable flight and control it provided. One professional who is a big fan of the P2 is Simon Lizotte. Lizotte had his own signature series, P2 in the Sky God. Discmania released the P2 in their Color Glow C-Line plastic this month. After some time with it, we can clearly see why top pros reach for the P2.

Discmania says the P2 is more stable than it’s P1 cousin:

Targeted especially for pro-players, the P2 works great for wrist-putts and fade-in shots inside and outside the circle. Due to it’s stability, the P2 works great for approaches and can even tackle strong headwinds. It is also a very consistent driving putter.

We recently got our hands on the new Color Glow C-Line P2 to review. We compared the Color Glow P2 to the Prism Plasma Envy to see the differences. (New Color Glow C-Line P2)

Feel: Right away, there was an obvious difference. The P2 does feel a little deep in the hand. If you prefer a shallow putter, the P2 might be a little hard to get used to. The depth does provide the chance of a very comfortable fan grip, which can lead to a lot of control either off the tee or on approach shots. The Color Glow C-Line plastic gives the flight plate a lot of flexibility/durability. 

The P2 doesn’t have a bead on the bottom of it either. The lack of a bead does help it come out of the hand clean on drives. For a beadless putter, it is impressive with how stable it is.

Flight: When you hear people talking about the P2, you’ll often hear about how stable it is at high speeds. What you’re hearing is the truth. The P2 will resist turn and fly as straight as you would want it to. The P2 is one of the most stable putters we’ve thrown – especially off the tee. Compared to the Prism Plasma Envy, the P2 was a bit less glidey and a tick more stable. You can trust the P2’s stability in any conditions. 

The flight chart shows the flight we were experiencing when thrown off the tee.

Discmania P2 putter flight chart

Putting: When we moved inside the circle, we found the P2 to be very straight and very stable. The deeper feel might turn some off when it comes to actually using the P2 as a putter, but for those who are spin putters, it should fly great.

Overall we’d rate the Discmania P2 at 2, 3, 0, 2. The amount of fade in our Color Glow C-Line was a little stronger than what we’ve seen in our D-Line.

If you’ve never thrown a Discmania P2 and have heard the hype behind it, you might have wondered if all the hype was true. After our tests, we can say that it does live up to the hype. Especially in the Color Glow C-Line plastic, the P2 is one heck of a putter. While some might have a hard time with it inside the circle, there is a lot to love when it comes to the P2 off the tee or on approach shots. With a great deal of stability at high speeds and just a hint of it at low speeds, the P2 is one of the straightest putters on the market. It will quickly fight out of a turn and with a decent amount of glide, it will carry down the fairway on a very straight path.

While it was already available in Discmania’s D-Line the Color Glow C-Line P2 is a very nice addition to that lineup. If world champions choose the P2 for their bag, it is hard to argue why it shouldn’t also be in yours. If you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself grab one here today!

Corwin Gonzalez

PDGA #162500

Guest Writer

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