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Calvin Heimburg's Putters - His Putt and Approach Discs

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Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on what putters Calvin Heimburg uses. The Innova sponsored player and 2023’s PDGA Player of the Year is known for his ice cold demeanor on the course. He’s also feared on the putting green as he rarely misses within the circle. Plus, on top of an almost unstoppable putting game, his approach’s are laser focused and super consistent. Read below to see what putters Calvin Heimburg uses!

What Discs does Calvin Heimburg Putt With? 

For Calvin Heimburg’s In The Bag Update for 2024, he’s stuck with the basics and kept two discs that he knows work on the green. His putting putters are KC Glow Aviars in the classic, off-white glow color. Heimburg says he’s always putted with beaded putters, and loves the straightness and consistent stable finished of the KC Aviar. While many pros carry multiple versions of the same putter in different wears or even discs with more glide for long range putts, Calvin Heimburg’s putters are a simple two discs that cover all of his putting needs. 



Calvin Heimburg Approach Putters

Calvin Heimburg also carries 3 other discs in the “Putt & Approach” category of discs. Many pros will keep their main putting putters for on the green uses only and Heimburg takes the same approach when off the green. One of Calvin Heimburg’s approach putters is his trusty Innova Champion Rhyno. The Rhyno is a very slow disc that doesn’t want to carry too far. Discs in Innova Champion plastic tend to avoid beating in quickly and many times the disc will hold its stability for years. 

Calvin also carries two Innova DX AviarX3s. The Innova AviarX3 is a more stable version of the popular Aviar mold and being in DX plastic, Innova’s baseline plastic, the disc is more prone to beating in and changing flight characteristics quicker than most other plastics in the Innova line-up. Calvin’s two DX AviarX3’s include one beat-in disc for hyzer flips and turnovers and one disc that has a bit more stability for shots that need it. 

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Calvin Heimburg Innova Toro

Innova’s Toro was a major hit when it was released, competing with popular discs such as the Discraft Zone, Westside Harp and Discmania Tactic. Calvin Heimburg bags 3 Toros, all in different plastics. He has a Champion Toro, a Color Glow Toro and an R-Pro Toro. His most stable and most wind-resistant Toro is the Color Glow Toro, followed by his well seasoned Champion Toro. The R-Pro Toro flies a bit straighter than the other two in Calvin Hiemburg’s bag, making it a viable choice for both forehands and backhands.

Calvin Heimburg’s Putters and Approach Discs

2x - KC Glow Aviar



1x - Champion Rhyno



2x - DX AviarX3



1x - Color Glow Toro



1x - Champion Toro



1x - R-Pro Toro



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