Innova Halo Star Mamba - Understable Disc Golf Distance Driver for Beginners

Disc Review: Innova Halo Mamba

Quick Review: The most recent Innova Halo Mamba is likely the best version of the understable distance driver ever released.

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Innova Halo Mamba Overview

Innova Halo Star Mamba understable distance driver

The Innova Mamba is good but did it just get better? With the most recent stock release, Innova pushed the Halo Mamba to retailers and the feedback for the disc has been undeniable. The most recent Halo Mamba is one of the best Mamba releases of all time. Haven’t tried an Innova Mamba yet? Disc Golf Deals USA has tons of stock to choose from!

Innova Mamba History

The Innova Mamba received its official PDGA certification in 2012, the same year Innova received certification for the Tern, Krait, and Dominator. Upon release, the Mamba was pegged as the “beginners-driver” to end all beginner’s drivers. The Mamba sports the flight numbers of 11/6/-5/1, giving the distance driver very high glide and a low power point needed to flip up to flat. What this did was allow players of all levels to throw the Mamba at low power to get a full flight with maximum distance. 

Innova Halo History

Released in 2020, Innova Halo Star plastic is a special mixture of two separate star plastics injected into the disc mold. Each disc has a “unique” halo appearance as the outer rim and flight plate are different colors. Halo Star plastic initially appeared in discs such as the Destroyer, Wraith, Valkyrie, and Teebird3. There have been a handful of unique Halo Champion discs such as the new Halo Champion Boss and the Halo Champion Sonic

Innova Halo Mamba Review

Innova Mamba in halo star plastic disc golf driver

Feel: The Innova Halo Mamba is a primarily flat in-the-hand and slightly flexible distance driver. The disc feels perfect for both forehands and backhands. Regarding the feel of the Halo Star plastic, this version of the Innova Mamba has good give while also providing the durable stiffness many expect out of Innova Halo Star plastic. 

Flight: Many understable distance drivers offer players with medium to high power a small margin for error when thrown hard. Discs such as the Discmania Astronaut, Discraft Crank SS, and DGA Sail will turn and burn if thrown too flat or when overpowered. Those discs tend to love low power to reach their full potential. We found the most recent release of the Innova Halo Mamba to be substantially more stable than previously released Mambas and thus provided a higher room for error while still being easy to throw. 

The new Innova Halo Mambas flight allows players to easily flip the disc to flat without the worry of burning it too far over. We found that the strongest throws from the Mamba in terms of generating distance were on a steep hyzer with a full power swing. Without wind, the Innova Halo Mamba reliably flipped to flat with a gentle S-curving flight that finished almost directly straight. If you are a player who enjoys throwing distance drivers in the woods, the Mamba is an excellent, touchy distance driver that helps you throw slow around obstacles. 

Final Innova Halo Mamba Characteristics:

  1. Easy Control
  2. Great Grip and Feel
  3. Versatile
  4. Easy Distance
  5. Beginner Friendly
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