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Discraft Zone vs Zone OS Comparison

Quick Summary: In our Discraft Zone vs. Zone OS comparison, we found that both discs compliment each other perfectly. The Zone is an excellent, do-it-all approach disc and the Zone OS makes scrambling from any angle a breeze.

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Discraft Zone vs. Zone OS Overview

It seems as though 2023 has been the year of the overstable disc, with the release of the Discraft Zone OS, Venom and Innova Juggernaut, more and more players are gravitating towards stable discs. The demands of the modern game have changed and new courses seem to focus on both longer drives with tighter fairways and longer approaches into guarded and tougher greens. After driving from the teepad, Most players now will gravitate towards overstable approach discs, such as the Discraft Zone or Zone OS to give themselves a chance at a birdie to shoot their best. 

Discraft Zone Overview

Discraft CryZtal FLX Brodie Smith Darkhorse Get Freaky Zone

The Discraft Zone is a staple in almost every Discraft sponsored players bag including: Paul Mcbeth, Adam Hammes, Brodie Smith, Holyn Handley and Paige Pierce. On the course, the Discraft Zone provides endless utility, with its flight numbers of 4/3/0/3. The Zone’s low speed and glide coupled with its high stability, make it a maneuverable and trustworthy approach disc in the woods and out in the open. Offered in a nearly endless variety of plastic, the Zone has the perfect feel and flight for every player, professional and amateur alike. 

Discraft Zone OS Overview

Discraft First Run Z Line Zone OS overstable putter

The Discraft Zone OS, approved by the PDGA in March of 2023, is to the Zone what a semi truck is to regular pick-up truck. The Zone OS is currently offered in a special blend swirly ESP and Z plastic and sports the flight numbers of 4/2/1/5. The Zone OS compared to the Zone has less glide and one of the highest overstabilities of any disc made. Players who throw Discmania discs might define the Zone OS as the Tilt of approach discs. 

Discraft Zone Review

For this review, we tested the Discraft Zone in the Z FLX CryZtal plastic, which is a fairly flexible, overstable plastic version of the Zone. Our initial thoughts on the Zone is that the disc is a do-it-all disc. The Discraft Zone is able to handle any amount of torque you can put on it, making it perfect for drives up to 300 feet if you have the arm. The Zone’s top characteristic is its capabilities in tight spots. The Zone is in most cases, the perfect scramble disc. 

Whether you’re pinched off on the fairway by a tree or brush, or you simply need to navigate a guarded green, the Discraft Zone has just enough stability to guide you to the basket. When thrown on a hyzer angle, the Zone’s low speed makes this disc highly maneuverable and easy to control. We found this maneuverability perfect for touchy upshots and forehand approaches. The Zone’s stability also makes it a great disc to throw on long anhyzer lines and straight shots. Thrown with power, the Zone flies surprisingly straight and when thrown slow on a high, anhyzer angle, the Zone will hold the line and fly steadily to the ground.

Discraft Zone OS Review

Discraft’s description of the Zone OS reads: “Boasting impressive torque resistance and an assertive fade, the Zone OS has earned its stripes as a PDGA certified beefcake.” and “...this disc can handle it all even in the toughest of winds and terrain.” From our review of the Zone OS in Z plastic, we found those descriptors to be 100% true. The Zone OS handles more torque than most players can throw, isn’t bothered by wind and fades to the ground faster than almost any disc we’ve ever thrown. 

When thrown on hyzer, the Zone OS quickly dumps to the ground. Thrown on anhyzer, the Zone OS is likely to fight out of its flight immediately and fade. We found that it took a herculean effort to throw the Zone OS further than 200 feet. While the Zone OS wasn’t made for distance, we found its strengths laid in scrambling from difficult, short distances.

Discraft Zone vs. Zone OS Comparison

Comparing the Discraft Zone to the Zone OS, both makes sense and doesn’t make sense at the same time. The Zone OS is a “heavier” disc and is capable of hitting different lines than the Zone. Where the Discraft Zone is perfect for longer, sweeping hyzer lines, the Zone OS prefers being thrown on short, tight lines where the target is much closer. The Zone OS has a higher parting line and a much deeper feeling rim. While the rim feel didn’t necessarily offer an advantage in throwing, some players may prefer the feel of the Zone OS to the Zone. 

If you’re deciding between bagging a Zone or Zone OS, consider adding both to your approach disc line-up. Each disc has its own advantages and lines it wants to be thrown on. If you have distance between you and the basket and need to navigate through tighter targets at length, the Discraft Zone is your disc. If the target is closer but is blocked and you need a steep hyzer angle to access it, the Zone OS may suit you better than a regular Zone. 

Here’s how we rated the discs:

Most Versatile: Zone

Most Stable: Zone OS

Furthest Gliding: Zone

Easiest to Control: Zone

Best Scramble Disc: Zone OS

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