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Eagle McMahon's Potential MVP In The Bag

Eagle McMahon has signed with MVP! Crazy to think that after almost 9 years with Discmania, one of the longest throwers on tour has signed with a new company. As always, you can find plenty of MVP discs for sale on our website and make sure to check out our Eagle McMahon in the bag page for the latest new and limited signature releases. 

What discs does Eagle McMahon Throw?

Eagle McMahon is a long-time thrower of overstable molds, such as the Discmania Mutant, Splice and PD2. He also favors straight, glidey putters like the Rainmaker and laser beam MD3 shots through the woods. So, what discs will Eagle McMahon throw with MVP? Let’s take a look below for a potential list of MVP discs he could bag. 

Eagle McMahon’s Favorite Discs

Let’s look at some past molds Eagle relied on at tournaments for his long distance bombs and touchy approach shots. 

Discmania Tactic - The tactic is a super overstable approach disc. Eagle threw his signature Razor Claw Tactic for a majority of touchy shots inside 300 feet. 

Discmania P3X - While not the easiest disc to find, Eagle was known for bagging this Innova made putter for stable drives on shorter holes. 

Discmania Rainmaker - a Glidey, beadless putter made in stiff plastic. The Rainmaker is a mix between the P2 and P1 for stability and won Eagle many tournaments on the putting green.

Discmania MD3 - Discmania’s version of a slightly stable midrange with tons of versatility. Eagle has been throwing his signature Iron Samurai MD3 for years and will be a tough slot for him to fill. 

Discmania Splice - The Splice is an interesting disc, as it fills the part of a mega-overstable but workable fairway driver many companies don’t have. 

Discmania PD - Eagle loved his super-stable first and thirteenth run PD’s.

Discmania Cloudbreaker/DD3 - The Discmania DD3 is the European version of the Innova Destroyer. It comes in a ton of plastic options with loads of variation in flight. Eagle’s signature Cloudbreakers were a staple in his bag. 

Discmania PD2 - The PD2, soon to be released from Discmania, is a mega overstable distance driver with serious distance potential. Eagle was known to bag upwards of 4 PD2’s on tour. 

MVP Discs Eagle Might Throw

If you’ve seen the latest Eagle McMahon MVP content, you may have seen him throw a few new discs. Obviously, Eagle will be throwing the Envy, his first signature stamp out of MVP, which is available for pre-order, here. But what else can we expect from Eagle?

Glitch - Everyone who’s ever thrown a Glitch, loves the Glitch. This seems like an obvious choice to make Eagle’s MVP in the bag. 

MVP Nomad - Eagle recently made mention that he likes the feel of the Nomad as his potential putter. 

MVP Deflector - Overstable is an understatement. The Deflector is a 5 speed with huge amounts of fade and low glide. Eagle could potentially pick this disc to cover his MD5/Mutant slot. 

Axiom Hex - Last season Eagle had bagged the Mindbender MD1, one of the best versions of the MD1 created. It’s glidey and easy to control. We think that the Hex will make Eagle’s MVP bag for that slot.

MVP Fireball - The Fireball is an ultra-stable 9 speed driver that rivals any FD3 on the market. 

Streamline Flare - Similar to the Fireball but with a slightly different feel as it has no overmold, the Flare is a great overstable fairway driver.

Axiom Virus - The Virus is a seriously understable driver that could work its way to Eagle’s Essence roller spot. 

Axiom Time-Lapse - A lover of domey and overstable dd3’s, Eagle may love the high power Simon Line Time-Lapse for many of his drives.

MVP Nitro - An overstable 13.5 speed, the Nitro may work in the short-term as Eagle’s PD2 replacement. 

Axiom Panic - Similar to the Nitro, the Panic offers a similar stability with a bit of a difference in feel. 

What discs do you think will make Eagle McMahon’s MVP in the bag? We can’t wait to see all of his new signature discs and molds. Make sure to check back to Disc Golf Deals USA for all of the latest MVP drops!

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