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Guide: The Best Disc Golf Carts of 2024

Disc Golf Deals USA gives you the definitive guide on the best disc golf carts of 2024. Zuca carts are the perfect gift in disc golf season, or in the holiday season which always seems to be right around the corner. There is never a better time to buy a disc golf gift for your loved ones. Below, we’ll explore the best Zuca carts, from the most features to the most stylish disc golf cart. 

Quick Review: Zuca makes some of the best disc golf carts on the market. Disc Golf Deals USA reviews and ranks them below!

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Ranking the Best Disc Golf Carts of 2024

Below we’ve ranked the best disc golf carts of 2023 by affordability, features, size, storage space and style. Disc Golf Deals has a huge selection of Zuca carts and accessories. Every cart we reviewed is available for sale right now on our website. We hope this article helps you pick the best disc golf gift for the holiday season or any occasion!

Best Disc Golf Carts of 2024 Ranked

Other Outstanding Zuca Carts and Accessories

Best Overall Disc Golf Cart: Zuca All Terrain Cart (Paul Ulibarri Edition) - $379.00


  • Massive Storage
  • Clean Styling
  • Handles Any Terrain


  • High Price Tag

paul ulibarri zuca cart special edition all terrain disc golf cart

The Zuca Paul Ulibarri All Terrain cart is one of the best disc golf carts on the market for many reasons. For one, the Zuca All Terrain cart is one of the most trusted carts on the market. It holds over 30 disc golf discs with double tiered storage, has a 3-pocket pouch, side pockets and an interior storage area. The Zuca All Terrain cart can handle anything you can throw at it and more.

Best Overall, Runner-up: Zuca Trekker Cart - $309.00


  • Affordable
  • Handles Any Terrain
  • Large Disc Storage


  • Single Tier Disc Storage
  • Somewhat Heavy and Large

zuca trekker cart old glory and red best disc golf cart

The Zuca Trekker cart will absolutely make a great disc golf gift and is one of our favorite disc golf carts. The Trekker Cart is step down in price from other Zuca carts but it still handles all of your disc golf needs. The portable seat handles up to 300 lbs, disc storage in the main compartment is up to 25 discs and the wheels are easily removable if you have to get it in and out of a tight space in your car or closet. We found the Trekker to be perfect with the Zuca Putter Pouch Sling which pushed total storage to almost 30 discs!

Best Budget Disc Golf Cart: Zuca Compact Cart - $239.00


  • Easily Portable
  • Affordable on any Budget
  • Sturdy Design


  • Low Disc Storage
  • Seat is Slightly Lower than Other Carts

zuca compact cart budget friendly disc golf cart

If portability is key but you still want all the back saving benefits of a disc golf cart, the Zuca Compact cart might be for you! Whether you prefer having a small cart for quick rounds, or don’t want to lug around the larger Zuca models like the Trekker or All Terrain, the Zuca Compact provides solid features with a small price tag. Holding 15 discs in the main storage compartment, the Zuca Compact cart also features a 3-pocket pouch, side pockets and a small but useful interior storage area. 

Most Features: Zuca Trekker LG Cart - $349.99


  • Carries up to 30 Discs
  • Handles Any Terrain
  • Super Sturdy Design


  • Large 
  • Heavy

zuca trekker lg cart disc golf cart with most features

The biggest Zuca cart on the market, the Trekker LG is sure to be the top of everyone’s disc golf gift wishlist. The Zuca Trekker LG has massive storage in both disc capacity and internal storage compartments. Built with the same capabilities as the All Terrain, the Trekker LG handles the roughest conditions with ease due to tubeless foam tires and high quality components. It also features the same sturdy design of other top tier Zuca carts and the seat supports up to 300 lbs. A bonus feature, and one of the many reasons the Trekker LG is one of the best disc golf carts available, is the built in putter slot, for even quicker access on and off the green. 

Most Stylish: Zuca Garrett Gurthie Compact Cart - $279.00

zuca se garret gurthie disc golf cart stylish disc golf cart

One of the most liked players on tour, Double G finally has a special edition Zuca Compact cart. Styled in his favorite colors, blue and orange, the colorway combined with the Compact cart’s endless capabilities, makes this one of the best disc golf gifts you can get! Mentioned above, the compact cart is a highly affordable disc golf cart option, featuring extreme portability and toughness. If you like to stand out on the course, check out this special edition Zuca Compact cart. 

Building the Best Disc Golf Cart

Why stop at a stock disc golf cart when you can customize it with accessories like a putter pouch, fenders, seat cushions and more. If you’re looking to maximize your disc golf cart disc storage, add a putter pouch (we like this one) for quick access to putters and approach discs. If comfort and fun are the name of the game, check out this sweet reversible seat cushion and the Zuca Disc Golf Cart Cooler, which comes in four awesome colors. We might add that these cart accessories make great disc golf gifts too!

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