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Innova Gorgon Flight Review

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Looking for big distance from a disc that has the comfortable feel and controllable flight of a fairway driver? Sounds too good to be true? Read on to learn the truth...

With the incessant stream of new molds coming from an ever-increasing number of disc manufacturers, we can't help but be automatically skeptical of these hyped-up releases! Innova is attempting to prove us all wrong by bringing out a disc that really does offer something more. Let's see how they do!

Innova Gorgon Flight Numbers

Star and Pro Flight Numbers: 10 | 6 | -2 | 1

flight path charts for Star and Pro Innova Gorgons thrown forehand and backhand

GStar Flight Numbers: 10 | 6 | -2 | 1

flight path charts for GStar Innova Gorgon thrown forehand and backhand

As the numbers suggest the Gorgon is a touch faster than your fairway drivers, yet a tad slower than your bombers. It's clear Innova is looking to fill a niche that probably exists in the majority of players' bags.

The understability and glide give it distance potential close to that of your long-range drivers, while the thinner rim will maintain that comfortable feel.

How it Flies

gorgon looking out an airplane window to visualize the how it flies heading. adding a touch of humor

Okay, so just how does the new Innova Gorgon fly? We've seen the flight numbers but are they accurate?

With some field testing it became clear that the Gorgon's flight numbers were accurate. There's no doubt that this will be one of the best beginner drivers on the market!

This video from Innova includes some great footage of the Gorgon in action!


We'd consider the Gorgon to be primarily a backhand-orientated disc. With it, you can achieve big yet easy distance by utilizing the understability and glide for long S-shaped lines!

As your arm speed increases you may find yourself throwing an Innova Gorgon with more and more hyzer. At some point, you'll want to move onto options with better consistency, discs with more overstability and less glide.

Any new or inexperienced intermediate player should be trying out a Gorgon. It checks all the boxes of a beginner-friendly distance driver!


While you won't find any serious tournament player pulling one of these out for a forehand, the Gorgon is still a great option for beginners learning sidearm.

Understable and glidey discs are not the most consistent when hucked forehand, but they do help generate extra distance, which players with a lower arm speed need!

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Feel in the Hand

underside of the Innova Gorgon so that readers can see the rim

One of Innova's primary goals for the Gorgon was to create the most comfortable slower-speed driver in their lineup! They did just that.

The Gorgon is slim, with a gentle and even dome. The rim is small and fits into just about any hand perfectly!


With the initial release, Innova is bringing out the Gorgon in 3 of their plastics; Star, Gstar, and Pro. The slightly varied flight paths and feel give you a couple of options to pick from.






The Star Gorgon is the most overstable and most durable of the bunch. You can expect a good amount of turn out of the box but with a slightly stronger finish at the end.




The GStar Gorgons are just a touch less stable. These are a great choice for anyone playing in cold temperatures. GStar is a little gummier and grippier, but it will beat in faster than Star.




Pro Gorgons will be the least expensive, but the least durable. You can expect them to fly like their GStar counterparts out of the box, but wear into a more seasoned flight with use.

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Comparable Discs

We're surprised to find that there really aren't that many drivers quite like the new Innova Gorgon. The most similar would be the Avenger SS and the TD.


In short, the Innova Gorgon is a great choice for players with less arm speed to reach long pin positions. Rather than throwing a faster disc, you can rely on the Gorgon's understability and glide to cover the distance, without compromising on consistency and accuracy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level will enjoy the Gorgon the most?

The Innova Gorgon will be most enjoyed by beginner and intermediate players. It offers easy distance for beginners, and fun hyzer flipping for intermediates. Advanced players may find the Gorgon to be slower and more understable than what is to their taste.

Is the Gorgon any good in the wind?

If you're a beginner with a lower arm speed you'll probably be fine using the Innova Gorgon in the wind. If you have much more power you'll find the glide and understability of the disc cause it to be inconsistent on blustery rounds!

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