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New Simon Lizotte Discs + MVP Drops

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MVP turned the heat up this summer with a huge new drop of fresh discs for sale! Check out our online disc golf store and keep up with the latest new releases, here. It’s only the middle of June and MVP is already releasing 6 new amazing additions to their lineup like the: MVP SE Proton Tesla, the Axiom Simon Line SE Fission Time-Lapse and Stock Fission Timelapse, a stock Electron Entropy, SE Electron Entropy and the James Conrad Stock run Neutron Detour.

Simon Lizotte Simonline Time-Lapse & SE Proton Tesla

One of the most fun to watch players on tour and on YouTube, Simon Lizotte is an absolute gem for the sport of disc golf. His big arm and natural ability to entertain was one of the reasons MVP picked him up last season. With the addition of Simon to their team, the MVP line-up as well as Axiom and Streamline has seen some amazing releases in 2023 and 2024. 

Simon Line Fission Time-Lapse



Most recently, the Massachusets based disc golf brand released the Axiom Simon-Line Time-Lapse in Fission plastic, their light-weight blend of plastic. While these drivers may still be ultra-domey and overstable, the Fission plastic allows these discs to gain much more distance with a bit more flip up than other drivers in the disc golf market. Where the original Neutron Time-Lapse were some of the most overstable drivers release last year, think of the Fission release to be much more workable and easier to throw for the masses. 



In our testing, we found the Fission Time-Lapse to fly neutral out of the box with a slight fade on the end when thrown high and straight. The Fission plastic from MVP is slightly lighter weight and tends to fly with less stability than their other premium plastic blends. This fact, combined with the Time-lapse’s dome and stability means this distance driver absolutely bombs. Most amateur arm speeds will actually find this disc to be highly workable with hyzer-flip and turnover almost a breeze right away. 

MVP Simon Line SE Proton Tesla



Fans of the MVP Proton Telsa fear not, because you can now restock en masse! The Simon Lizotte SE Proton Tesla version of the beloved 9 speed fairway driver can breathe easy because this new special edition release from MVP is fun to throw and highly consistent. The Tesla sports the numbers of 9/5/-½ and flies accordingly, with a very high level of glide and a consistent fade at the end of the flight. This new MVP Drop also has a beautiful stamp and comes in crystal clear MVP Proton Plastic. It’s a must get for all MVP and fairway driver lovers. 

MVP James Conrad Neutron Detour



The perfect complement to your Uplink and Hex, the MVP James Conrad Neutron Detour is finally available in a stock release. Formerly released in the last GYROpalooze box, the Detour quickly became a fan favorite with its easy to throw and low profile characteristics. Coming in at 5/5/-2/1 the James Conrad Detour is a wonderful woods discs as well as a full flight midrange. It can be used in point and shoot situations or basically anywhere on the course where control is key. 



Personally, we’d compare the MVP James Conrad Detour to a few discs in particular. For one, it flies and feels very close to the Thought Space Athletics Aura Mana. In fact, MVP produces this mold in house, so those resemblances may be due in part to the mold and plastic similarities. Another disc that flies close to the Detour is the Discmania Midnight Prowl 2, a Meta Origin with a ton of glide and a ton of flip. Both midranges fly slightly understandable but are extremely easy to throw and are very workable. 

MVP Electron Entropy



If the Axiom Tempo wasn’t stable enough for you, perhaps it’s time to try an Electron Entropy. Crafted with the flight numbers: 4/3/-.5/3, this disc is a beefcake, but with plenty of uses and lots of opportunities on the course. For one, MVP Electron plastic is incredibly soft and is easily worked in. Thus players can cycle Entropys in their bag, meaning you can mix fresh discs for overstable throws and well-seasoned Entropys for those straight or extra touchy shots. 



Out on the course we found the Entropy to be very stable and highly consistent. A majority of shots we found the MVP Electron Entropy to be useful in was in tight upshot and approach lines where there was a bit of wind or the angle called for high stability. In the hand, the Entropy feels small and many players may prefer that compared to other larger rimmed overstable releases, like the Discraft Zone OS or Innova Toro. 



Breakdown of the Latest MVP Drops

Distance: Simon Lizotte Simon Line Fission Time-Lapse

Fairway Control: MVP SE Proton Tesla

Ease of Use: MVP James Conrad Detour 

Green Management: MVP Electron Entropy

In our opinion, we think you should bag all 4 molds and pick up an extra two in special, limited edition stamps. The new Fission Time-Lapse will be your new best friend off the tee and the SE Proton Tesla will keep you locked into your target from distance. In the woods and in heavily OB lined fairways, there’s nothing better than the James Conrad Detour. If you’re ever in trouble make sure you’ve got a couple Electron Entropys in your bag to navigate tight greens!

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