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The 14 Best Roller Discs In 2024

Ready to roll? We've pulled together the best roller discs ever made into this list to help you build your bag. 

If you haven't tried yet you might consider throwing rollers to be difficult. Some strange trick shot for pro players. It's actually really easy! With the right discs and a couple of hours, you'll have it mastered!

It's not just a cool shot either! Rollers can be incredibly useful when the course throws an unexpected curveball at you! To throw great rollers consistently you're going to need the right discs. Read our list to learn which discs are the best for rollers in 2024!

What Distinguishes The Best Discs For Rollers?

This list is targeted to backhand rollers so the most important feature is understability! All of these discs are really flippy so it's easy to have them hit the ground at a good angle! Naturally flipping an understable disc rather than throwing something stable with lots of anhyzer allows the disc to fly further before it even starts to roll!

Some of these discs are faster drivers helping you to roll past your distance record, others are slower for tricky and touchy get-out-jail situations!

Why Throw Rollers?

Rollers can be real life savers in a number of situations out on the course. The main reasons people throw backhand rollers are for more distance and to avoid low ceilings!

You might be surprised to hear that rollers can travel further than your air shots! You just need a clear fairway with short grass and preferably hardish ground!

disc golfer throwing a long distance shot with one of the best roller discs

In our opinion rollers are most useful on holes with a low ceiling! You can take the overhanging obstacles right out of the equation by simply sending your disc along the ground. 

low ceiling disc golf shot that requires a roller disc

Do keep an eye out for obstacles such as long grass, rocks, roots, and the like. These can stop a roller in its tracks, or worse send it way off course!

DGD's List Of The Best Backhand Roller Discs

If you're looking to simply throw further then keep your eye open for the understable distance drivers in this list. If you're planning on utilizing rollers for low ceilings and other jail shots take a look at some of the slower speed discs as well!

Innova Rollo - Best Midrange Roller

Flight Numbers - 5 | 6 | -4 | 1



If you're wanting to learn how to throw rollers this disc is your best bet! Its slow speed and massive understability make it easy to hit the perfect roller angle every time! It was released about a year ago and has been immensely popular since then. 

This will be a go-to disc when you're facing a low ceiling, or you're simply in a tricky situation. The Innova Rollo wants to do one thing, get to the ground and roll!

Innova Mamba - Best Long Distance Roller

Flight Numbers - 11 | 6 | -5 | 1



The Mamba is one of the most understable distance drivers you can get! This makes it our top pick as a distance driver roller. You can release it with slight anny and have it fly for a long time before it even hits the ground, increasing your distance! It might take a little beating in to get the Mamba to its optimal roller flight path.

The Mamba has a very shallow profile, and fits easily into any hand! 

DGA Sail

Flight Numbers - 11 | 5 | -5 | 1



The DGA Sail is much like the Innova Mamba. It has a ton of turn that you can use to make rollers easier! The 11-speed is controllable, but fast enough to rack up some decent footage!

Innova Leopard

Flight Numbers - 6 | 5 | -2 | 1



The Innova Leopard is not a roller unless you get one in DX. These beat in very quickly to become insanely understable! Even more so if you have a lighter one from a starter pack. The advantage of this is that the disc wants to get to the ground as soon as possible. This is indispensable when the low ceiling is upon you right off the tee!

Mint Discs Freetail

Flight Numbers - 10 | 5 | -4 | 1



The Freetail is Mint Disc's high-speed roller. It has a speed of 10, blending control, and distance! The high turn rating makes it easy to flip over and roll. With a little seasoning, this disc will be dedicated to rollers.

Innova Roadrunner

Flight Numbers - 9 | 5 | -4 | 1



Slowing things down a couple of notches we have the Innova Roadrunner, and as the name suggests this disc is an amazing roller! The understability of the disc is designed to do the work for you! 

Lone Star Tumbleweed

Flight Numbers - 10 | 6 | -4 | 1



Tumbleweeds are the are designed by nature to roll! This disc was designed by Lone Star Discs to do the same! Once again we have that massive turn rating giving us the understability to get it to the ground at the right angle! 

MVP Orbital

Flight Numbers - 11 | 5 | -4.5 | 1



The Orbital is the most understable driver in the MVP and Axiom lineup! It's the obvious choice as a long-distance roller for any Gyro fan! It has speed, glide, and some serious understability to get things flipping for you!

Prodigy F9

Flight Numbers - 8 | 6 | -4 | 0.5



The F9 is a very understable fairway driver in the Prodigy lineup. It'll be easier to flip over compared to something like a Mamba thanks to the slower speed. It just might not go as far. 

Prodigy F7

Flight Numbers - 9 | 5 | -4 | 1



The F7 is a fairway driver from Prodigy with a lot of understability making it perfect for use as a roller disc! This disc is ready to flip the moment it leaves your hand! It flies much like the Innova Roadrunner.

Discmania Genius

Flight Numbers - 7 | 5 | -4 | 1



If you're looking for something that won't even require anhyzer to hit the ground at a roller angle the Discmania Genius is perfect! Its understability won't disappoint, right out of the box! It's a tad slower giving you more control but less distance.

Axiom Paradox

Flight Numbers - 5 | 4 | -4 | 0



The Paradox is the most understable midrange MVP and Axiom have to offer. It's very much like the Innova Rollo. It can be used for turnovers, hyzer flips, and you guessed it... rollers!

Discraft Archer

Flight Numbers - 5 | 4 | -4 | 1



The Archer is Discraft's most understable midrange. The slower speed and serious understability make it very easy to get the disc rolling. Use it on short holes with low ceilings when you have to get the disc rolling quickly.

Innova Mirage

Flight Numbers - 3 | 4 | -3 | 0



The Innova Mirage has the honor of being the only putter to feature on our list! It's very understable and will get to the ground and roll as quickly as it can! This is a great little weapon for short rollers to get yourself out of trouble!

Choosing The Best Roller Disc For Your Bag

man who can't decide which roller disc to put in his bag

Wow, considering we were only looking at the best of the best that's still a pretty long list! If you can't make a pick consider the following points.

  1. Do want to throw rollers for maximum distance or for low-ceiling shots? For long rollers use distance drivers, and for low ceilings use a midrange or a fairway driver.
  2. How easily do you want your disc to turn over and roll? If you prefer to use some anhyzer and force the angle then use faster discs. If you want something that you can release flat and have it turnover into a roller by itself go for the slower discs on this list. Note that this is useful for low ceilings as you won't have to throw as high!
  3. Do you prefer a specific brand of discs? That's a more than good enough reason to pick one of these discs. After all, they're all really good for roller shots!
  4. Do you or any of your friends have a pile of battered-up old base plastic discs? Try them out! One of them may just be the perfect roller! Keep an eye open for a DX Leopard!
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