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The Best Forehand Approach Discs In Disc Golf

Why do you need the best forehand approach disc? To allow you to throw the best forehand approach shots, and trust me you need the forehand approach shot in your arsenal! Small forehand flick shots are indispensable on a wooded course! They're more versatile than backhand approaches, and allow you to change up your footing to get around obstacles.

Many players, pros included, opt for the forehand approach when they're out in the open. When you're throwing forehand you can see your target. This gives you confidence, and makes your approaches more consistent! The only true disadvantage is that forehand approaches are more likely to skip on slick greens.

What Makes A Top 10 Approach Disc?

What exactly makes one disc better than another for forehand approaches? It's not that simple, there are a ton of characteristics that players look for, and these can change based on personal preference.

Here are the qualities that I've based this list on.

  • Must be moderately overstable
  • Must have a shallow rim
  • Must have a speed rating of 2-4
  • Should have a flat top


You want a forehand approach disc to be overstable. This will help it resist the off-axis torque that forehands produce, help your accuracy, and fight the wind. How overstable is entirely up to your personal preference, but the most common fade rating for these discs is a 3.

Grip and Feel

Feel is the number one reason you should get a putt and approach disc dedicated to forehands. While most putting putters are deep and glidey you should look for a disc with a flat top and low glide for wind consistency. Flat-topped discs make smooth forehand releases more achievable.

Another interesting feature you'll see on several of the discs on our list is a thumbtack. This bulge of plastic around the rim is great for forehands. Pushing your thumb into it gives you a tighter grip, which in turn reduces wobble. Whether to thumbtack or not to thumbtack is highly dependent on personal preference, but you can't say until you've tried it!

The Innova Pig, Ringer GT, and Slammer all feature thumbtacks.

Grip is always desirable in any disc, and forehand approaches are no exception. This is why you should consider buying base plastic approach discs. The added grip will give you consistency. On top of this softer base plastics are better at sticking where they land, which is a biggie for forehand approaches!

Our Top 10 Forehand Approach Discs

Here are Disc Golf Deals USA's top 10 picks when it comes to forehand approach discs. If you're looking to improve your short forehand game any of these discs would be an excellent choice!

Discraft Zone - Best Overall

If you've been playing disc golf for any longer than a month our top pick is probably no surprise to you! The Discraft Zone has cemented its place in disc golf as one of the best forehand approach discs to be thrown! It's rated 4 | 3 | 0 | 3. It has a flat top and a comfortable rim giving you consistent smooth releases!



If you're just startingor if you're looking for a straighter Zone I cannot recommend a Jawbreaker Zone enough! You get all the great features of a Zone but with an unparalleled grip. It also beats in quickly to a straighter flight.

Dynamic Discs Slammer- Best Overstable

When Ricky Wysocki used to huck for Innova he used Pigs. When he moved across Dynamic Discs released the Slammer. Both the Pig and the Slammer feature a thumbtack, but the Slammer is considerably more overstable.



If you're looking for a real wind fighter, a thumbtack, or you just like Ricky you should try out a Slammer. Mastering a flex line with the Slammer is your get-out-of-jail-free card in the woods!

Innova Rat - Best Straight

Still looking for a straighter Zone? Innova's Rat may be the one for you. With a tad less fade than a Zone, and a shallower rim there aren't many downsides to this disc! It has a flat top and a comfortable rim.



When these beat in advanced sidearms can hyzer flip them for impressive distance! One of my friends used to throw his Innova Rat over 300 feet!

Ringer GT - Straight



The Discraft Ringer GT is a great forehand approach disc that resides in many a player's bag. With a shallow rim, a thumbtack, and a slightly straighter flight, these are a great choice for technical courses. having an inventive forehand approach game can save vital strokes in the woods.

Zone OS - Most Overstable

Brodie Smith's version of the Zone is an absolute monster. It's the most overstable approach disc we've included on this list. Its flight numbers are 4 |2 | 1| 5, and yes I did say positive one turn! This disc is not for the weakness of the heart or weak of arm.



Then Zone OS is the most wind-resistant disc on our list. You can also make use of it if you're looking for some extreme forehand flex lines.

Axiom Tempo - ???



Currently Axiom's mystery disc, everyone is waiting for the Tempo with bated breath. Our preorder Tempos sold out before their release date! It's rumored to be straighter and shallower than a Zone. To me, that sounds like a dream come true, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Innova Pig

The Innova Pig was Ricky Wysocki's signature disc for the duration of his tenure on the Innova pro team. It can be beaten in for various flight paths, offering more versatility than most. Let's not forget to mention this is another disc that has a thumbtack!



The flight plate on a Pig can sometimes be a little domey which may or may not be to your liking.

Discmania Tactic



The Tatic was Eagle MacMahon's go-to forehand approach disc when he still played at Discmania. His sidearm was one of the most prolific in disc golf until injury held him back. Its flight is comparable to the Zone is the obvious forehand approach disc for a Discmaniac. My only complaint with the Tactic is that its rim is a little deeper than other approach discs.

MVP Entropy



You've probably seen James Conrad throwing his winning drive at Worlds with the Entropy. James enjoys using it on backhand lines, but in truth, the Entropy was primarily designed as a forehand approach disc. The Entropy has identical flight ratings to the Zone, and many players say it flies even better!

Zone GT - Ringer Version

If you haven't yet you need to pick up a Zone Battle Pack! It comes with two discs, a Banger GT Zone mashup, and a Ringer GT Zone mashup. Buyers were asked to vote on their favorite and the winner was made a stock run disc called the Zone GT.


While the Banger GT version came out on top, I was most taken with the Ringer GT mashup. It featured the Ringer's thumbtack and had a touch more stability than a stock Zone. If you want one you'd better act fast! The Ringer version is never to be made again so when the Battle Packs sell out they're done!


I hope this list pointed you to the forehand approach disc you've been dreaming of! Any of the discs on this list are a great choice.

If you're looking for something really overstable try out a Zone OS or a Slammer. If you want something straighter go for an Innova Rat or a Jawbreaker Zone. For thumbtacks consider Pigs, Slammers, and Ringer Gts, plus the Zone Battle Pack

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