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Weird but Good: Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg Review

Quick Review: The Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg is the perfect approach disc with a unique hand feel unlike any other disc on the market.

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Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg Overview

Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg disc golf putter

The K1 Soft Berg is the not so secret hidden gem of approach discs. This unique disc has garnered a dedicated following for several reasons. It’s torque resistant, can be thrown on both forehand and backhand, is reliable and stops on a dime when it hits the ground. Not to mention the Kastaplast Berg’s shape is unlike any other disc golf disc sold today.

Kastaplast K1 Soft Plastic

Kastaplast putter Berg in K1 Soft plastic

Known for its remarkable blend of flexibility, grip, and durability, Kastaplast K1 Soft plastic is an excellent, all-around choice in any disc. The K1 Soft plastic offers a supple and tacky feel in the hand, providing an excellent grip even in adverse weather conditions. Discs made from K1 Soft plastic are known for their ability to absorb impact, reducing the chances of unwanted skips and rolls upon landing. The Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg is a perfect marriage between soft, absorbing plastic and a disc designed to stop upon landing. 

Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg Flight Path

The flight path of the Kastaplast Berg is perfect for players looking for precise control and a predictable flight. When thrown flat, the Berg exhibits minimal turn and a reliable fade at the end of its flight. For a majority of the Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg’s flight, the disc maintains a straight path with little deviation, making it an ideal choice for approach shots, especially in confined spaces or challenging wind conditions.

The K1 Soft Berg is Useful for all Skill Levels

The Kastaplast Berg is versatile enough to benefit players of all skill levels. Beginners will find it useful as an approach disc to improve their accuracy and finesse around the basket. The disc is reliable in nearly all situations and will rarely cause rollaways. For intermediate and advanced players, the Berg can be a reliable tool for a variety of shots, including hyzer flips, straight approaches, and even forehand throws. Many Kastaplast sponsored professionals such as Luke Samson and Scott Stokely rely heavily on the Berg off the tee and close to the green. 

Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg Review

Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg disc golf putter for beginners

Feel: As mentioned above, the Kastaplast K1 Soft plastic feels and fits perfectly in the Berg. The plastic is soft without being floppy and provided the disc with extra stopping power when hitting the ground. If you’ve never held a Berg in your hand, there is no other way to describe its feel other than unique. The Berg has a massive and round rim and a concave flight plate. The Kastaplast Berg fits nicely in the hand for both forehand and backhand. 

Flight: We found a great deal of success throwing the K1 Soft Berg off the tee and in tight spots on and off the fairway. On short par 3’s where a high level of accuracy was needed off the tee, the Berg was exactly what we needed. It flies most straight the whole flight and fades out predictably every time, even in windy conditions.

Our favorite use for the Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg was scrambling off the fairway. Being a torque resistant disc, the Berg was able to handle a large amount of power when a flick was needed to navigate tight corners or small gaps in trees. Having the confidence that the Berg was going to stop on a dime when it hit the ground was huge as well. 

Final Kastaplast K1 Soft Berg Characteristics: 

  1. Versatile
  2. Reliable
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Fun to Use
  5. Great Hand Feel

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