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Deluxe Disc Golf Dye Kit

Deluxe Disc Golf Dye Kit

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This Kit has been designed exclusively for Disc Golf Dyers. The Deluxe Kit of ProChem Disc Golf Dye is made for disc golfers who are really looking to do some quality disc dyes.

With 28 grams of each of the different dyes, this kit will last for plenty of your favorite designs and ideas!

The colors and quantities included:
1 oz. D118 Bright Yellow 200%
1 oz. D225 Clear Orange
1 oz. D360 Pinkish Red
1 oz. D457 Flag Blue
1 oz. D770 Meadow
1 oz. D885 Lilac

Your only limit with creation is your imagination, as this dye can be combined with any combination of different ideas such as Worm Dip, Idye Poly and more.

Combine this with glue or shaving cream or whatever your favorite method is to apply the dye to your discs.

Always use a disc as close to white as is possible, as these really absorb and take on the color of the dye the best out of all.
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