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Discraft Z Sparkle Glo Drone - Ledgestone 2023

Discraft Z Sparkle Glo Drone - Ledgestone 2023

Speed: 5 | Glide 3 | Turn: 1 | Fade: 4
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Our friends in windier places love the Drone™ like no other midrange for its ability to fight any headwind and not turn over. Very overstable, best for advanced players and forehand approaches.

This is the special Ledgestone 2023 Edition, in a special blend of plastic and brand new stamp. Ledgestone disc's get prettier every year!

Flight Ratings: Speed 5, Glide 3, Turn 1, Fade 4, Stability 2.6

About the plastic: This is the beautiful Z Sparkle Glo plastic, a special run just for Ledgestone. The Drone is a favorite, and these provide for the feel and flight of the Drone that you know and love, and you can never go wrong with!

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Customer Reviews

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Really overstable

Doesn't feel great in my hand, it's a deep rim that's kinda sharp