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Innova Halo Mystere

Innova Halo Mystere

Speed: 11 | Glide 6 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 2
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The Halo Mystere comes ready to rip huge s-curves straight out of the box. Its glide and turn make the Halo Mystere a great choice for a max distance driver for players with moderate arm speeds. Faster arm speeds can trust the Mystere for hyzer flips in the woods or tailwind crushes.

Flight Ratings: Speed 11, Glide 6, Turn -2, Fade 2.

About the plastic: Halo is a one of the most premium and sought-after plastics on the market. Typically this is the most overstable plastic in Innova's lineup, and it is extremely durable and has a great grip. Halo is the very similar to Star in feel, except it is the far more beautiful with its multi-color swirls and 'halo' effect.

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Customer Reviews

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george lopez
Innova Halo Mystere

I use a star Mystere as an understable driver, so I was eager to try this one. This may be a little too stable in halo star plastic to fill that slot out of the box. I may need to season it a little to help with the turn for my arm speed.

Grumpy James
Just what I was looking for...

I needed something between a Wraith and my flippy, beat-in Blizzard Champion Wraith, and this disc delivered. It's also pink, which means I can SEE it when I yeet it into the gunch. What's the GUNCH, you ask?

Gunch (noun) - Particularly nasty rough, characterized by briars, poison ivy, chiggers, ticks, and intrusive thoughts about chainsaws.

Seriously though, my power is 350ish, and I can get a nice S-curve out of it when thrown flat. It's a *little* sensitive to hyzer as a brand-new disc, so if you don't release it flat, with my arms speed, it rides straight to a gentle fade with almost no turn. After I hit a few trees with it, though, I'm sure that'll work itself out.

Top competitor!!

If you want range, this is it fellas!!!the Mystere is a rocket!

less mercury

no mystery to me anymore broke 360 first time

Samuel Taylor
Love my Halo Mystere

Oh boy what a great new joy. The Innova Halo Mystere is such a wonderful disc to throw. For this beginner it is the right fit for my arm speed. It flys a mile, it’s under stable just enough, and the fade at the end is perfect. I’ve already started throwing the Halo Mystere at least 80 further than my Halo Mamba.