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Innova Halo Toro - Calvin Heimburg Tour Series

Innova Halo Toro - Calvin Heimburg Tour Series

Speed: 4 | Glide 2 | Turn: 1 | Fade: 3
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Only 1 unit left in stock Image
Only 1 unit left in stock
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If the finesse game is not for you, just bulldoze your way to the green with the Innova Toro – the great feeling overstable mid range that’s sure to win-over power players in any arena. Olé! Olé!

How this batch feels: A beadless and small diameter disc, the Toro, has the low profile and comfortable feel of a Rat. However, the Rim of the Toro is much beefier, as if it’s been hitting the gym.

We haven’t had a disc with a High Speed Turn of +1 since the Viper was on the shelf.

How it flies: Developed with the input of power player Calvin Heimburg, the Toro was built to handle anything you put on it for short to medium length back hand or forehand shots. “Massive torque resistance,” is how Innova co-founder and disc inventor Dave Dunipace describes the Toro’s flight, which in layman’s terms means it’s an ox of a disc.

Flight Ratings: Speed 4, Glide 2, Turn 1, Fade 3

About the plastic: Halo is a one of the most premium and sought-after plastics on the market. Typically this is the most overstable plastic in Innova's lineup, and it is extremely durable and has a great grip. Halo is the very similar to Star in feel, except it is the far more beautiful with its multi-color swirls and 'halo' effect.

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Bought this disk for a friend. Absolutely loves it. He says it’s just a beefier version of his star toros which makes sense.