Innova InnVision Star Wraith - Disc Golf Deals USA
Innova InnVision Star Wraith - Disc Golf Deals USA
Innova InnVision Star Wraith - Disc Golf Deals USA

Innova InnVision Star Wraith

Speed: 11 | Glide 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 3

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The Wraith is a long and fast distance driver. A stable flyer that performs predictably into the wind, and one of those discs that you will just keep reaching for again and again on a backhand or forehand.

This is a 'baby' Destroyer that is more suited to most arms, and is a staple in pro & beginner bags. As this beats in, it will become that long bomber that you will use for piping tunnel shots or for those max distance drives in open fields.

There is reason the Wraith is the most popular 11-speed every created. Get yourself one today!

Innova’s new line of InnVision discs have the highest definition, full-color art we have ever achieved without compromising the disc feel. These have vivid, detailed designs that will make them the most striking plastic in your bag. Discs this good-looking will give you that extra confidence needed to let the birdies start flying! With UV-protected ink, the image remains vibrant throw after throw. 

Flight Ratings: Speed: 11, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 3

About the plastic: Star Line is created with a special blend of grippy, resilient polymers. Star Plastic offers the same outstanding durability of our regular Champion Plastic, plus improved grip like our Pro Plastic. High performance, longevity, and superior grip make Innova Star discs the ideal choice for your game. Later runs of Star have been a lot more flexy & soft, which provides great grip!

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