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Innova SE Halo Wombat3 (Sling3lade)

Innova SE Halo Wombat3 (Sling3lade)

Speed: 5 | Glide 6 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 0
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Every disc golfer needs a disc that can turn the tide. Our Halo Wombat3 with the latest Sling3lade design has enough wow-factor in the air and on the disc to keep you in the hunt.

*** A Marm O. Set 3-Color Design.

Run Details: Pretty flat to flat. Grip-a-licious. You’ll deliberately position yourself on the course just to throw this beauty.

More about the design: The original SlingBlade design with two blades was cool, but the newly renovated Sling3lade with three blades is even cooler – we’re talking cool infused with bacon and fire breathing monster trucks – kind of cool. Not only that, but artist Marm O. Set, who calls this “My favorite of the VTX series,” was inspired by Boba Fett’s helmet for this ultra clean design. Can’t go wrong there.

Word of warning: If you spin these Sling3lade discs too fast they may open a portal to another dimension, which may or may not have disc golf.

More about the Halo Wombat3: The Wombat3 flies straight and stays flying for a long time with its hefty glide. Anyone who struggles to remain on the straight and narrow should seek help from the Innova Wombat3.

Flight Ratings: Speed 5, Glide 6, Turn -1, Fade 0

About the plastic: Halo is a one of the most premium and sought-after plastics on the market. Typically this is the most overstable plastic in Innova's lineup, and it is extremely durable and has a great grip. Halo is the very similar to Star in feel, except it is the far more beautiful with its multi-color swirls and 'halo' effect.


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Keith Hubbell

Love it