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Lone Star Disc Chandler Kramer Tour Series Alpha Warbird

Lone Star Disc Chandler Kramer Tour Series Alpha Warbird

Speed: 12 | Glide 6 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 3
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The Warbird is a long distance overstable bomber with a high amount of glide.  This disc is a perfect addition to our Distance Drivers falling between the long distance flip and glide of the Curl with the strong finishing fade of the Bowie. 

The Warbird's namesake comes from the North American Aviation T-6 Texan which was utilized in multiple air forces over its 40+ years of service.

A significant portion of each sale directly supports Chandler Kramer.

Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 6, Turn -1, Fade 3.

About the plastic: Alpha is a high quality premium plastic that is durable and smooth. It is firm with a good amount of grip, but slightly more shiny and stiffer feel than the Bravo plastic. Discs in this plastic won’t beat in as fast and will retain their original flight ratings allowing them to stay consistent.

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Dylan Stinson
Good Overstable 12 speed

Good overstable stable 12 speed driver that you can trust will always come back.