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MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever - Carbon Fiber

MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever - Carbon Fiber

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This is the official patent pending Max Stick retriever with suction cup ball attachment and is made from premium Carbon Fiber Material! It also has a loop on the end of the pole to help clip it to your bag or cart.

The Max Stick CF16.5, CF20, CF29.5 are carbon fiber retrievers that are fully repair/replaceable making it the last telescoping retriever you will have to buy.

This is simply the easiest product to snag your discs from trees, creeks or thick bush.

It will suction onto the disc from any angle, and with very little force, and once it is stuck on, it ain't going to let you until you force it off!

The goal at Max Disctance is to make retrieving your disc as easy as possible. With the simple yet very effective design we have made the headache of losing your disc a thing of the past.

This is what MaxDisctance says about the Carbon Fiber Disc Retriever: "This is the all new top of the line carbon fiber Max Stick. It features a 16.5ft, 20ft, or 29.5ft telescoping with one of our patent pending max stick attachments. This pole is made with a thick layer of carbon fiber (.5mm) greatly increasing the strength of the pole making it one of the most durable retrievers on the market. The attachment is slightly smaller than what the current max stick uses (34 Suction cups vs 42). This allows for less stress on the retriever when it is stored or laid on its side, but still has the same amazing result when retrieving your disc. The Max Stick CF also features a S clip feature to prevent your pole from extending on its own accidentally. This will help reduce accidental damage to your Max Stick CF while you’re out on the course, while in storage, or during transportation. Finally, the greatest feature of the Max Stick CF, every section of this retriever is replaceable. If you manage to break any section of this retriever we offer replacement parts for a reasonable price, making this the last telescoping retriever you will ever have to buy."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing piece of gear every Disc Golfer needs

The one piece of gear that is as important as a microfibre towel. You spent about $15-$20 per disc and each one you loose cause you can't reach adds up to this and more.

The carbon fibre construction and compact nature makes it insanely strong and durable, also if you break any piece, you can buy replacement parts and repair it yourself!

Mr pissy
Max distance retriever

Super handy, everything I expected I will order from you guys again!!!!

Ethan Kariger
20ft. Concept and function is great, build quality is meh

20ft Carbon fiber is much lighter feeling and controllable when extended compared to the 15ft non carbon.
Suction ball works very well when clean, especially when wet/in water.
Telescoping pole on the carbon edition is very easy to extend compared to the original, and the distance is essential for discs on roofs or in bodies of water.

Suction ball fell completely off retriever the second time using it.
Construction feels cheap, like some parts are 3d printed. I’m scared it’s gonna break with too much usage.
So far, none of the suction cups themselves have fallen off, but my friend’s original metal one has lost multiple suction cups so I’m hoping mine will not have the same issue.

Overall, the Carbon MaxDisctance retriever is pretty 🐐ed and worth it. Hopefully the construction of this product will improve in the future.


This is the last retriever you will need. The carbon fiber is awesome and the suction ball works incredibly well water and even in heavy brush!

Beatts McCoy
This is all you need!

I have a golden retriever. I have a pronged retriever too! They made great gifts for friends.