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MeepMeep Disc Golf Tracker

MeepMeep Disc Golf Tracker

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Ever spent minutes, hours or days searching for your disc? No longer will that be required! MeepMeep has come to the rescue with the world's most robust and complete disc tracker, making it easy to retrieve your discs, regardless of whether they are lost in a field or deep in the rough & bushes!

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  • MeepMeep can be simply stuck on with the included 3M Adhesive to the underside of your disc, and you are ready to start tracking
  • The tracker then connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device, you simply ring your disc from the app! This works up to 100ft (30m) depending on battery level & obstructions
  • It has an app which works with up to 5 discs, and allows you to name, color code & organize your list of discs with trackers on. Simply choose which disc, and listen for the sound of the tracker ringing!
  • The Disc Tracker is just 0.25 oz (7g), and measures in at only 0.2 inches thick. This will fit easily onto the underside of any disc and the affect on disc flight is negligible

MeepMeep uses a single (1) CR2016 coin battery. Batteries are NOT included with this package, but can be purchased in multiples for very affordable prices.

Never let your favorite disc go missing again!

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