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MVP Electron Spin

MVP Electron Spin

Speed: 2.5 | Glide 4 | Turn: -2.5 | Fade: 0
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The Spin is an understable putter that debuted in Electron in the 2016 Circuit Player’s Pack.

The Spin has a deep profile like the Ion and Anode, which makes it great for glide-filled lofty flights. Its controlled understability makes it suitable for both new and advanced players alike.

Flight Ratings: Speed 2.5, Glide 4, Turn -2.5, Fade 0

About the plastic: Electron is MVP’s High-Tech baseline material. It has superb grip and is designed to wear in slowly over time. It is also available in soft flexibility for putters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Darrell Michels
MVP spin

Great putter does what I expected it to do

Makes a great putting putter

This putters natural understability will add some easier distance to your spin putts. Wizards dropped out of the sky for me and the PModel S was a step in the right direction - it makes for a great predictable breaking point, but I always felt I had to juice it near circles edge. I can now putt flat and dead center, and with a good amount of spin it will hold the line. At 40ft it will fade the last 5feet, circles edge is a straight attack just need to hit the right height. The spin will also hold a low speed anhyzer that any other off the shelf MVP putter will pull out of. Compared to the envy/proxy the rim is very deep and curved and sucks for power grip. A fan grip works well…. There is a reason I only putt with the spin.

Better Glitch

I like my glitch but have found this to be better for actual golf shots. Can get turn out of it at both lower and higher power.

Jonathan Helton
My Turning Approach Putter

Throw it flat and left of the basket and watch it turn and land flat next to the basket. Great turnover approach disk for 110-170 ft out when thrown flat.
Looking to buy another in R2 plastic soon.

Zach B.
Spin in the chains!

The Spin is a great understable putter from MVP. Everyone needs a lofty under stable putter in their bag. It’s great for push putts and hyzer putts. I throw it off the tee too when I’m 140-180 feet out. If you’re 70-80 feet from the basket, give it a hard snap nose up and if you miss, you’ll be right by the basket. No roll aways; it’s also a great hyzer flip machine in tunnel shots. Flips up and lands with no fade, straight. Pick 2 up for practice!