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OurRanger Disc Golf Rangefinder

OurRanger Disc Golf Rangefinder

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The OurRanger is the world's first and only analog rangefinder for disc golf that's fitted to your body.

This low-tech rangefinder is made from Stainless Steel and fits in every pocket. 
In just a few second it gives you confidence for drives and approaches from 66 to 360 feet.

Extend your arm, fit the basket without the pole into the closest hole and read the distance. As fast and easy as a tap-in!

Getting the right size:

To get accurate results you need to measure the distance from your eye to your hand.

Imagine you're walking up to your lie and extend your arm to hide the basket with your thumb.
Now measure the distance form your eye to your thumbnail and you're good to go!

Eye to hand distance in inches

Best Size

Eye to hand distance in cm Eye to hand distance in inches Best Size
below 60 cm below 23.6″ Size 55
60 cm - 70 cm 23.6″ - 27.5″ Size 65
above 70 cm above 27.5″ Size 75

If you

If you're right between two sizes we recommend getting the smaller one and pulling your hand a little closer to your eyes for best results.

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