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Prodigy 350G A4

Prodigy 350G A4

Speed: 4 | Glide 4 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 2
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The Prodigy Disc A4 is the latest in our range of approach discs. The A4 is a slightly over stable disc that fills the distance gap between midranges and putters and is designed for all skill levels. The disc is consistent and reliable in moderate wind conditions and perfect for short approach shots. It works equally as well for backhand or sidearm throwers. The A4, like the A3 has a bead on the rim. You can expect it to fly slightly less stable than the A3 with an extra 40-50 feet in distance.

Flight Ratings: Speed 4, Glide 4, Turn -1, Fade 2

About the plastic: The Prodigy 350G plastic is a firmer blend of the 350 plastic. It maintains the grip while providing a stiffer feel in the hand. 350G Plastic retains grip even when wet.

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