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10 Easiest Discs to Throw in Disc Golf

Disc golf can be hard. But here at Disc Golf Deals USA we want to help make it a bit easier for you. Below is a list of 10 discs that will make your life easier on the course. Whether you’re looking for beginner discs for sale or simply easy to throw discs, this list will help you lower your score in every round of disc golf you play.

What is an Easy to Throw Disc?

Great question. First, let’s answer this question with another question. What’s a hard to throw disc? Answer:

Do you see the pattern with the above? All of them are fast and highly overstable making the room for error on any shot extremely low. An easy to throw disc golf disc is one that punishes you the least on every shot. These discs are easy to control and make throwing with low power highly manageable.

The Easiest Discs to Throw

MVP Glitch

MVP Neutron Soft Glitch hybrid catch disc golf disc best disc golf discs for beginners

If you’re new to the sport of disc golf, you’re bound to start hearing the word Glitch being thrown around a lot. The MVP Glitch is synonymous with the term easy to throw disc. Beginner disc golfers love it and advanced and pros love it too. The Glitch is a low speed disc but high glide with no turn or fade (1/7/0/0) making controlling it a breeze. The MVP Glitch is the perfect, easy to throw disc made for everyone!

MVP Watt

MVP Neutron Watt max weight glitch best disc golf discs for beginners good disc golf putter

A step up in speed from the Glitch with a touch more controllability than an Axiom Proxy, the MVP Watt is fastly becoming one of the most popular, easy to throw discs on the market. The Watt is essentially a faster Glitch, at 2/5/-0.5/0.5 making it super neutral with the 2 speed giving it a bit more bulk to carry further. Try using the MVP Watt where you would use the Glitch when there’s slightly windier conditions on the course.

Prodigy Pa-5

prodigy pa-5 disc best disc golf putters for beginners understable putter

Prodigy makes great discs. No one can argue that fact. They especially make some amazing beginner discs like the Pa-5, X5 and D4. These are all easy to throw discs that have high glide and a low amount of fade, offering low arm speed players more control and distance on the course. Looking at the Pa-5 we see the flight numbers of 3/4/-2/0.5. This disc offers more speed and less fade than the Watt, allowing players to maximize distance off the tee with their putters.

Discmania Kyle Klein Signature Metal Flake Lumen Neo Logic - Cosmic Fury 2

Discmania Kyle Klein Signature Metal Flake Lumen Neo Logic - Cosmic Fury 2 best disc golf disc for beginners

The most stable disc with the longest name in our easiest to throw discs review, the Discmania Kyle Klein Signature Cosmic Fury 2 offers players a straighter option with a ton of glide. The Cosmic Fury sits at 3/3/0/1 making it more of a control disc compared to the rest of this list. In our review, the 1 fade doesn’t quite match the flight of the disc and we found it to have less fade than indicated by Discmania. If you love the MVP Watt or Discraft Luna, you’ll absolutely love the Cosmic Fury 2.

Discraft Buzzz SS

discraft esp buzzz ss disc golf disc for beginners understable midrange disc golf disc

Moving up in speed we have the Discraft Buzzz ss. The Discraft Buzzz is one of the most well known names in disc golf, pros like Paul McBeth, Chris Dickerson and Anthony Barela make them a staple in their bags. The Buzzz ss is the understable compliment to the Buzzz, with a -2/1 turn and fade. This version has a shallower feel and is a much easier to throw disc, making hyzer flips and touch shots a breeze.

Innova Rollo

innova star rollo understable disc golf disc for rollers best roller disc understable midrange for beginners

One of the newest members to the Innova line-up of discs, the Rollo is the most understable disc in this list. As the name Rollo applies, this midrange is meant to make rolling your disc easier. In testing the Rollo, we found it to flip onto its side with little effort, making it a wonderful option for a number of shots. Namely, this easy to throw disc was great on hyzer flip lines, tight gaps through the woods, tailwind touch shots and of course, rollers!

Prodigy F7

prodigy 400 f7 understable fairway driver for beginners best disc golf disc for hyzer flip

One of the best places to learn how to throw far is with fairway drivers. They offer beginner disc golfers the opportunity to experiment with high speed discs while maximizing control. The Prodigy F7 is a great, easy to throw disc because of it’s high glide and turn. The flight numbers on this disc come in at 7/5/-3/1, making it an excellent option for all shots requiring hyzer and straight lines. Stronger throws may love this disc for tailwind drives too!

Discmania Essence

discmania neo essence understable disc golf fairway driver 8 speed driver disc golf

Sitting at one speed ahead of the Prodigy F7 (8/6/-2/1) is the Discmania Essence. The Essence is an easy to throw fairway driver with a ton of glide. The -2 turn mixed with the 1 fade allows lower power players to crush out on the course without having to worry too much about turning and burning their throws.

Innova Mamba

innova star mamba understable disc golf roller disc

Welcome to the high speed drivers! The Innova Mamba (11/6/-5/1) is ubiquitous with beginner disc golfers and seasoned veterans alike. The Mamba is hands down the easiest to throw distance driver on the market. It comes in a ton of plastics, which essentially allows players to customize the level of stability they want in the Mamba. If you’re new to the sport and the Tern seems a bit intimidating but you still want to maximize distance, try the Innova Mamba!

Discmania DD

discmania s-line dd disc golf distance driver understable driver for beginners

If the Mamba doesn’t quite fit into your bag, the brand new Discmania DD may be just the disc you’re looking for. Coming in a 11/6/-3/2, the DD offers the same level of speed and glide but in a tighter package as far as fade and turn are concerned. In our review of the DD, it offered us easy control on the forehand side and quickly became one of our favorite drivers in tailwinds, tight wooded fairways and throwing up hills.

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