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Best Throwing Putters

While every disc in a golfer's bag plays a crucial role, throwing putters stand out for their utility, precision and control. Often, putters are the perfect “in-between” disc off the tee, giving serious distance potential if thrown right and the ability to land softly at the target. In this article, we delve into the world of the 5 best disc golf throwing putters, highlighting their unique features and why they have become favorites among players. 

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Why Throw Putters Off The Tee?

Every player should be throwing putters off the tee for these 3 reasons; control, consistency, and accuracy. 

Slower speed discs are much easier to control! This will help you hit tight gaps and navigate technical courses with scary OB!

Having greater control over your shots makes you more consistent! When it comes to shorter shots it's all about being consistent! It's not the aggressive player who can throw over 500 feet that wins here. It's the player who 9/10 times will birdie the shorter hole that comes out on top!

If you want to seriously improve your disc golf game you have to focus on perfecting what you can already do, not learning something you can't!

Putters are also much more accurate than faster discs! They're much straighter allowing you to aim right at the basket. 

Why Have a Dedicated Throwing Putter?

 Why do I need a putter just for throwing? Can't I just use the one that I use for putting? 

You sure can, quite a few players do, although there are several advantages to having a putter solely for throwing! 

Stability: Most players like to have neutral putters on the green so that they can aim right at the basket. When you throw a putter you want it to have some stability so that it can handle the power.

Feel: Almost all players use different grips for throwing and putting. This means that while your putter feels great to putt with, you may not enjoy how it feels in your throwing grip.

Depth: Many players prefer shallower putters when they're throwing. Using deeper putters can give you extra glide on the green, so many prefer them for putting. Having less glide in a putter also makes it more controllable when you're throwing!

Plastic: Nearly every player putts with base plastics for the added grip. When you're throwing your putter it's going to get damaged! This makes premium plastic putters preferable off the tee.

Which Speed is Best for a Throwing Putter?

In this guide, we're focusing on throwing putters for backhand shots. We'd recommend anything that's a 2 or a 3-speed, with 3 being the best. These slightly high-speed putters are better at handling a full throw!

When looking for forehand options 4 speeds are your best bet! Read this article on the best forehand approach discs if you're looking for a forehand driving putter.

Which Plastic is Best for Throwing Putters?

As mentioned earlier premium plastics are preferred in most cases. Your throwing putter is going to take a couple of knocks along the way, so you want a plastic that can handle it. 

While premium plastics are durable they can sometimes lack grip. Grip is not something to ignore so try to get the best of both worlds! Every disc for sale on our site has the plastic explained in the description. You can use these short guides to ensure you get a grippy and durable plastic!

Now let's get onto what you're really here for, the discs!

Discraft Z Luna

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | 0 | 3



Z Luna live here

The Discraft Z Luna and (Z blended plastics) has gained a reputation for its exceptional flight characteristics and feel. Paul McBeth’s first signature mold with Discraft, this putter offers a combination of grip in Z plastic and a huge amount of glide. The Luna's beadless design enhances the feel in the hand, making it an ideal choice for a clean release when throwing. We have found this putter to fly as far or further than our midranges in ideal conditions.

While the flight numbers suggest otherwise, the Luna's flight path is incredibly straight, allowing players to confidently shape essentially any shot. Its stability ensures reliable flight path even in varying wind conditions. The Discraft Z Luna proves to be a versatile throwing putter that can handle a variety of situations on the course, rivaling any throwing putter on the market.

MVP Neutron Watt

Flight Numbers - 2 | 5 | -0.5 | 0.5



Neutron Watt live here

The Neutron Watt is one of the latest releases out of MVP and it is a good one. Thrown by pros like Simon Lizotte and Drew Gibson, the Watt is one of the most neutral throwing putters on the market. The Neutron plastic blend gives it a nice feel, making sure every throw has a consistent and clean release. Its shallow design allows for a comfortable grip, making it an excellent choice for players who don’t like overly deep rims. We found the feel to be somewhere between a Glitch and a Proxy.

What sets the Neutron Watt apart is its ability to hold any line you put it on. It literally is one of the most neutral, do anything you want it to, putters. Whether you need a straight shot, a slow turning anhyzer or a gentle fade, this putter responds well to different release angles. The Watt’s ability to hold any line, coupled with a huge amount of glide makes this throwing putter a hugely useful disc to add to your bag.

Mint Discs Soft Flex Lasso

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | 0 | 2



Soft Flex Lasso live here

The Mint Discs Soft Flex Lasso is a brand new release from the Texas based manufacturer. Designed for touch shots and finesse approaches that need a bit of fade, the Lasso makes for an excellent addition to any neutral or understandable putter. The Soft Flex plastic blend gives it a unique, super grippy and super flexy feel, making it much more comfortable in the hand when compared to stiffer plastics.

The Lasso's flight path is highly glidey and somewhat overstable. Compared to a Zone or a Pig, the Lasso fades less but compared to a Proxy or Bullet, it will show a stronger finish. The Mint Discs Soft Flex Lasso is a perfect disc for colder days and for throws off the tee where there’s wind or you need a gently, workable fading finish.

Axiom Envy

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | 0 | 2



Axiom Envy live here

The Axiom Envy is bottom line, one of the most popular discs in disc golf. As a throwing putter, more players now than ever rely on the Envy to go far and fly accurate off the tee. Its unique overmold construction combines an outer rim with a unique flight plate, giving the disc Gyro Technology, MVP’s patented tech promising players more distance and more control.

The Envy's flight characteristics are notably stable, providing a consistent and predictable flight path. With a strong amount of torque and wind resistance, this putter has given us some of our farthest flights for slower speed discs. We love the Axiom Envy in basically any plastic and so do pros like James Conrad and Eagle McMahon. Keep an eye out for the new Prism Proton Envy coming out soon!

Trash Panda Ice Inner Core

Flight Numbers - 2 | 4 | -0.5 | 0



Ice Inner Core live here

The Trash Panda Ice Inner Core is a game changer if you like straight flights with soft landings. Trash Panda is a new disc golf disc company making discs out of recycled plastics, offering a better solution to manufacturing and for the environment. The Trash Panda Ice Inner Core is a 2 speed disc with loads of glide and a highly neutral flight. The Ice Inner Core plastic is unique and highly grippy. 

What sets this putter apart is its ability to hold lines with minimal fade, providing a straight and controlled flight. The Ice Inner Core flies in a straight line and lands on a straight line. It’s flight is reminiscent of a shorter flying Mako or a even more neutral MVP Watt. If control is your aim, get an Ice Inner Core!

Final Reviews

Throwing putters are a crucial part to any disc golfers bag. Finding the right discs to fill that slot can make or break your game! The Discraft Z Luna, MVP Neutron Watt, Mint Discs Soft Flex Lasso, Axiom Envy, and Trash Panda Ice Inner Core each bring their unique strengths to the table and offer players plenty of variety when searching for a great throwing putter. Below we broke down each putter with some notable features. 


  • Discraft Z Luna: 
    • Great grip and high glide for maximum distance putter flights
    • Beadless design for enhanced feel and clean release
    • Torque and wind resistant
    • A do-it-all throwing putter
  • MVP Neutron Watt: 
    • Neutral flight and high glide
    • Neutron plastic blend has good durability and a nice grip
    • Shallow rim for a comfortable grip
    • It’s a Glitch but bigger in every way
  • Mint Discs Soft Flex Lasso: 
    • Soft Flex plastic for a soft, flexy feel
    • Strong fade but not overstable
    • Fits well in between highly overstable and neutral putters
  • Axiom Envy: 
    • Overmold technology for precision
    • Stable flight and predictable flight path
    • Maximum distance potential for a throwing putter
  • Trash Panda Ice Inner Core: 
    • Ice plastic blend has a unique feel unlike any plastic on the market
    • Minimal fade and super straight landing
    • Supports a good cause of reducing manufacturing emissions 

Bonus Review

The upcoming Discraft Paul McBeth Kratos is set to release soon. It’s a beaded Luna and offers a more stable flight than its predecessor. Anthony Barela recently reviewed the McBeth Kratos and loved its stability, finding it to handle a ton of torque while still having the same amount of glide as the Luna. Disc Golf Deals USA will have tons of Kratos stocked when Discraft releases the new throwing putter so keep your eyes peeled! 

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