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How to Install a Permanent Disc Golf Basket: Step by Step Guide

Installing a permanent disc golf basket can be a little overwhelming. That's why we've created this installation guide to help anyone faced with the task!

Permanent baskets are expensive and the last thing you want to do is mess up the installation! Read through this guide, while some steps may seem obvious there are a ton of tips and tricks that you may have missed!

1 - Buy the Basket

permanent basket in a shopping cart surrounded by dollar signs

If you haven't already purchased a permanent disc golf basket now is the time! You can see our entire selection right here. Take the time to choose the one best suited to your needs. Look into cost, quality, and how good the basket is at catching.

If you're installing baskets on a public course take the time to ask local players which baskets are their favorite! There are sure to be a ton of helpful insights!

Read our article on the best disc golf baskets for further guidance.

2 - Gather Your Tools and Supplies

all the tools you'll need to install a permanent basket, auger, spade, duct tape, cement, etc.

Before undertaking any project you need tools and supplies. Here's a list of everything you're going to need, along with some optional extras!


  • Spade, post hole digger, or auger
  • Spirit level
  • A helpful pal


  • Duct tape
  • Gravel
  • Quick setting cement
  • Masks
  • Water
  • Padlock
  • Rebar (optional)
  • 3 feet of hose pipe (optional)

P.S. Some baskets may require additional tools for assembly. Check the instructions included with the basket before heading out to install it.

3 - Determine Basket Placement

wooded and scenic landscape with 4 baskets overlayed by red question marks and one with a green checkmark

Before you start installing a permanent basket, you need to determine where it's going to be installed. The course designer has probably marked out the spot where he or she wanted the basket. If not then ask them before starting! If you're the course designer, well it's all up to you!

We won't dig into the details of where to place baskets here, you can read this article from Flickline for course design tips.

4 - Dig The Hole


man digging a hole in the ground for the installation with correct dimensions

Now that we know where the basket is going to be installed we can start digging! We need to dig a hole with these dimensions

  • Depth - 24 inches
  • Diameter - 8 to 10 inches.

Dig the hole deeper rather than too shallow. You can easily fill it in with excess dirt and gravel to make it shallower.

If you want a more secure install you can widen the hole and use more concrete. Some people also recommend digging your hole in a bell shape for a sturdier install.

For this step use your spade or a post hole digger. If you're doing a whole course you might want to hire an auger!

Tip: Try to keep the dirt from the hole in one place. We'll need some of it later.

5 - Prepare The Installation Sleeve

duct tape stuck onto end of the installation sleeve

Installation sleeves are nifty little items! They allow for a permanent install without forever setting a basket in one place! This means you can install multiple sleeves on one hole, and rotate the basket between them for alternate pin placements! It also means you can reuse or sell the baskets in the case of course closure.

So don't worry, if you mess it up you'll only need a new installation sleeve! ;)

Start by putting duct tape over the end of the sleeve that will be in the hole. This is to prevent dirt and concrete from getting in and clogging the sleeve!

6 - Fill The Bottom Of The Hole With Gravel

man filling the hole with gravel

Break out the gravel! We'll the bottom of the hole with it to ensure proper drainage. You can also mix in a little of the excess soil here if needed.

Don't be too stressed as to how much gravel you put in, you can still add more or take some out when you're positioning the installation sleeve.

7 - Position The Installation Sleeve

man bending over with the installation sleeve for the permanent basket sitting in the hole

Different manufacturers have different measurements for how much the installation sleeve should stick out above the ground. I recommend you read any instructions that came with your basket or search for some on the web.

One thing to consider is mowers! This is an especially important point if you plan to have alternate basket placements, but only one basket.

If the sleeve is level with or below ground level it won't be a problem for mowers. If it's sticking out from the ground when the basket is absent it's going to be mowed over! This will cause significant damage to the sleeve and the mower!

Drop the sleeve duct tape side down into your hole. Get a feel for how it will sit, and determine whether the hole should be deeper or shallower.

Is You Basket Facing The Right Way?

Another curveball here. If you're installing baskets on a course there may be hole numbers on the top bands. These numbers often line up with the locking tab. Make sure this tab is facing the tee or the fairway. This way players will be able to see which hole they are playing.

8 - Add Some Rebar (optional)

hole with two pieces of rebar layed in it for strength

For extra strength, you can position some lengths of rebar across the hole where the concrete will be. Rebar is very cheap, making this an inexpensive way to strengthen the basket installation.

9 - Add a Drainage Pipe (optional)

drainage pipe inserted into the hole

For some additional drainage, you can make use of a hose pipe. Simply push the pipe into the bottom of the hole and off to the side. Have the other end coming up out of the hole. You could even duct tape it temporarily to the installation sleeve to hold it in place.

This is most useful if you don't pour concrete all the way up to ground level. Once the concrete is set you simply snip the excess pipe sticking out.

10 - Insert The Basket Pole Into The Sleeve

one man lowering the permanent basket pole into the sleeve while another man watches

We're nearly ready to pour the cement, just one more step! We want to insert the basket pole into the installation sleeve for two reasons. One, to prevent concrete from pouring into the sleeve, and two, to level the basket more accurately!

Before inserting the pole you will probably have to attach the locking collar to it. The basket should have come with instructions on how to do this.

11 - Fill The Hole With Cement

a man filling the whole with cement while another holds the pole steady

This is when you really need a second set of hands! One of you will need to hold the installation sleeve relatively level and in the center of the hole, while the other pours and mixes the cement.

We strongly recommend wearing masks for this step to prevent the inhalation of cement dust!

Pour the quick-setting cement powder into the hole and mix it up with some water.

You want the cement to be thick enough to hold the pole in place without assistance

If the mix is too liquid, add cement little by little until the correct consistency is achieved. If it is too stodgy follow the same process with water.

Remember to not overfill your hole. Leave a gap of about 3 inches between the cement and the ground level.

We won't pretend to be what we're not... cement construction professionals. We suggest reading this Wikihow article if you are not familiar with mixing cement.

12 - Level The Pole

man leveling the pole to ensure a proper permanent disc golf basket installation

Now bring out the spirit level. Measure the level of different sides of the pole. Work at the top for the most accuracy.

Once you are satisfied that the basket is level very carefully slide the pole out of the installation sleeve. This will minimize shifting that could happen while the cement sets!

13 - Wait For The Cement To Set

man sleeping in a bed while the cement sets

The easiest and most tedious step so far, wait! Follow the instructions on the cement bag and wait out the allotted set time!

Consider putting some warning tape around your work to keep people clear.

14 - Assemble The Basket

man assembling a permanent disc golf basket in front of his house on the driveway

While you're waiting you can use the time to assemble the basket. Almost all baskets come with instructions on how to do this.

15 - Install The Basket

two men celebrating with confetti because they completed their permanent disc golf basket installation succesfully

Easy yet satisfying, once the cement has dried it's time to slot the basket into your installation sleeve! Simply insert the basket pole, and line up the locking tabs. Secure the installation with a trusty padlock! Please don't skimp on this step, basket thieves are real!

If you added a drainage pipe you can snip it down to the level of the cement.

If you wish you can cover the cement with the leftover soil.

Wait a minute... You're already done! Wow, nice going champ!

A Personal Thank You

a thumbs up from disc golf deals usa to say thank you

Here at Disc Golf Deal's USA, we love... you guessed it, disc golf! We're incredibly thankful to all the people who put in the work to build disc golf courses!

If you're reading this guide to install baskets on a new course we just want to say thank you! Thanks for growing the sport and providing fun to thousands of people for years to come! Great work, keep it up! There can never be enough disc golf courses!

Still needing the basket? Check out our permanent options here!

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