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The Perfect Low Arm Speed Distance Driver: the Discmania Astronaut

Quick Review: The Discmania Active Premium Astronaut is the perfect, easy to hyzer flip, low arm speed distance driver. The disc is easy to control and glides super far!

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Discmania Active Premium Astronaut

When it comes to understable distance drivers, there’s a new Sheriff in town. The Discmania Astronaut, a 12 speed understable distance driver from the Discmania Active line may be the one of the best discs to hit the market in recent years. Offered in two plastics currently: Active Premium and Glow Active Premium, the Astronaut has the flight numbers of 12/6/-4/1 with a low profile and a semi-flat flight plate. Here are a few reasons you’ll want to buy the Discmania Astronaut today!

Discmania Active Premium Glow Astronaut Understable Fairway Driver 

1. Easy Hyzer Flips

Most players in the world can’t throw a disc like Ezra Aderhold, Anthony Barela or Ella Hansen. There is an incredible amount of arm speed needed to throw a normal distance driver (Destroyer, Nuke or DD3) from hyzer to flat. This is why the Discmania Astronaut is perfect for players with lower arm speeds. The Astronaut’s -4 turn to 1 fade ratio means that the disc will want to push right (for right handed backhands) more than it will want to fade back to the left. When thrown on a hyzer angle with a moderate amount of power, the understable distance driver loves to flip up to flat and glide far! The disc is like a cheat code for low power hyzer flip distance drives.

2. The Discmania Astronaut is the Perfect Woods Driver 

Tight wooded fairways can be as punishing as they are intimidating off the tee. This is especially true when the target is far away. The Discmania Astronaut gives every player the advantage of navigating through small gaps and hard to hit lines with its maneuverability off the tee. When playing in the woods, often the best option to reaching your target is a hyzer flip. The Astronaut’s ability to be flipped up to flat from a hyzer angle or be thrown with lower power on a hard angle makes it easier to push forward in the woods when your margins are slim. 

3. The Perfect Low Arm Speed Distance Driver

The Discmania Astronaut is the DD3 for the people. It’s one of the best low arm speed distance driver options on the market and offers easy access to power for those who struggle to throw the disc far off the tee. The Astronaut’s flight path when thrown on hyzer, is an easy turning flip to flat with a slight turn with high distance potential. Many low arm speed players may find the astronaut to be the farthest flying disc in their bag. We found in testing that the Astronaut’s 6 glide held true and the disc took off flying much further than anticipated. 

Discmania Astronaut Review

For this review we tested out the Glow Active Premium Astronaut. The Discmania Glow Active Premium plastic is similar in feel and grip to Discmania’s C-line plastic with a touch less give to it. The Glow Active Astronaut is low profile and has a nice, flat flight plate that feels well in-line with the flatter wing. It even glows well too!

Discmania Active Line Glow in the Dark Astronaut Special Edition 

Our initial testing was done on the course on heavily wooded holes and in the field. We found the Discmania Astronaut perfect for longer holes with wooded fairways. Throwing the Astronaut on a medium power hyzer shot usually resulted in an eventual flip to flat with some turn to a straight finish. For maximum distance shots, the Astronaut held a similar flight path and the 6 glide rating made throwing this low arm speed distance driver far, really easy.

Discmania Astronaut Characteristics:

  • Easy Distance
  • Maneuverable
  • Easy to Hyzer Flip
  • Flat Profile
  • Perfect for Low Arm Speeds

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