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Best Disc Golf Gifts of 2023

Finding the right gift for everyone on your list during the holiday season is difficult. Some people want discs, others might want baskets and the rest you might have no idea about! That’s why Disc Golf Deals USA has the best disc golf gifts of 2023 lined up for you so you can take the headache out of gift buying! Read our holiday disc golf guide below to find the best gifts today!

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Disc Golf Bags 

Disc Golf Bags make our disc golf holiday guide for a couple of reasons. For one, disc golf bags are the perfect way to showcase all of the discs you’ve been collecting over the year. The bigger the bag, like the new James Conrad MVP Voyager Pro, the more discs you can show off. And there’s no better feeling than a new disc golf bag, especially after a year of heavy duty use out on the course. Here’s a quick list of bags that made our best disc golf gifts of 2023 list:

Disc Golf Carts

If bags aren’t your thing, one of the most best disc golf gifts you can give is a brand new disc golf cart. There’s a reason pros like Jeremy Koling, Ricky Wysocki and Paul Ulibarri push carts around the course rather than bags. For one, disc golf carts are super customizable and they also take the strain off your back during a round. Here’s a look at a few disc golf carts that made out disc golf holiday guide this year:


What’s a MeepMeep? A MeepMeep is small, battery powered tracking device that attaches to the underside of your disc and connects to your phones bluetooth so you’ll never lose a disc again. The MeepMeep is a new product that’s designed to take the stress out of looking for your discs after a tough shot. This product makes our disc golf holiday guide because honestly, we’re tired of looking for our discs!

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Disc Golf Baskets

Looking for the perfect disc golf gift for the player on your list who loves practicing and competing? A disc golf basket is an excellent option for everyone. Baskets these days include portable and lightweight options, along with affordable ones like the Hive Cross Chain basket. Check out Holiday disc golf guide for baskets below:

Disc Golf Disc Starter Sets

There isn’t a more fun sport to start playing than disc golf. It’s approachable, affordable and makes exercising easy and fun! Starter sets make some of the best disc golf gifts of 2023 because they’re an easy way to introduce a new player to the sport and are an amazing value. 

 Disc Golf Accessories

If the disc golf player in your life already owns more discs than they know what to do with, has 3 bags and 2 carts, consider adding some accessories to their stocking. Some of the best disc golf gifts are the smallest and can be pretty useful. Like the FlighTowel, a microfiber towel that helps player warm up their throw before and during rounds. How about a collapsable seat for longer tournament rounds like this one from Innova. Here’s a few others:

Disc Dyeing DIY Kit

Disc dyeing is a perfect way to make sure your disc golf bag looks its best and is unique to your style. Disc Golf Deals USA has a ton of disc dyeing kits, that come with specialized disc golf dyeing inks. Here’s a list of some of what we’ve got in stock:

Disc Golf Range Finders

Knowing your distance on the course is key to perfecting your game and lowering your score. Range finders are awesome gifts to give any player in your life who wants to level up their disc golf game. And, they’re used by almost every pro player on tour so you can be confident they’re a great product.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are one of the best disc golf gifts to give this year because they truly take all the stress away in gift giving. Let your loved ones choose from our massive selection of discs, bags, carts, baskets, accessories and more. When the they get to choose exactly what they want, everyone wins!

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