MVP Disc Sports Overview

MVP Disc Sports Overview

MVP Overview

We take an extended look at the MVP brand, featuring the Axiom and Streamline brands as well! No other company has gained more in popularity than MVP and they have discs and other products to prove it. Read below to learn more about MVP

Table of Contents

  1. History of MVP
  2. Sponsored Players
  3. Interesting Facts About MVP
  4. Popular MVP Discs
  5. MVP Plastics
  6. What Sort of Player Throws MVP

History of MVP

Brad and Chad Richardson, brothers, founded MVP in their parents' garage in 2010 in the small town of Brown City, Michigan. Their goal? Grow the sport of disc golf and get players hooked on high-tech disc golf discs. Since their inception in 2010, MVP Disc Sports, the MVP standing for Maple Valley Plastics, has taken over the disc golf world, producing one World Championship from James Conrad and the most elite team in the sport with the addition of Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon.

MVP's first disc was the Ion, a beaded stable putter. In December of 2009, the brothers produced the very first generation of Ion, manufacturing approximately 375 examples. The first discs were produced with a blue central core and a red outer rim. By the fifth generation of the Ion in 2011, MVP officially debuted GYRO Technology with the transparent Proton Plastic. Good luck getting your hands on the very first runs of this disc but luckily for you, Disc Golf Deals USA has plenty of Ions for sale, here.

mvp team players simon lizotte eagle mcmahon

2023 signaled a brand new direction for MVP with the addition of Simon Lizotte to the team. Already having super star and 2021 world champion, James Conrad, on the team, MVP began their growth as one of the most dominant forces in disc golf. Now, in 2024, MVP signed Eagle McMahon, reuniting the "Crush Boys" and putting the focus on performance and domination. Currently, both Simon and James have their own signature discs, with James's Nomad, Detour, Zenith, Terra and his special edition Envy's. MVP has recently began crafting the Simon Line, consisting currently of the Time-Lapse and Pixel. Eagle currently has his first signature disc for sale, the Prizm Proton Envy "Rebirth"!

Other notable MVP sponsored players include: Sarah Hokom, Raven Newsom, Elaine King, Madison Walker, Jordan Castro and others. With a World Champion in the line-up, MVP will continue to build upon their legacy with their current line-up as well as new signings like Eagle.

Interesting Facts About MVP

MVP currently sponsors the MVP open at Maple Hill, one of the last tournament stops of the year on tour. It is a DGPT Playoff event, which means more pressure and more points for players. Maple Hill is one of the most iconic courses in the world, ranked as the #1 course on UDisc. Nestled in the hills and valleys of Leicester, Massachusetts, the course is incredibly technical and offers dramatic finishes during the MVP Open.

If there's one thing every player knows about MVP, it's that they're the company with the overmold discs. These overmolds are the brainchild of the two Richardson brothers and have been a focal point of the brand ever since the first Ion was created. The technology is called "GYRO Technology" and it's created by placing an overmold around the disc's core. By transferring much of the disc's weight to the rim, the disc's moment of inertia is increased, which then gives the disc a straighter, longer and more accurate flight. The GYRO Overmold Technology can be found on all MVP and Axiom products and the manufacturer also offers Streamline discs for players who love the plastic and feel of those brand but prefer a standard disc without an overmold.

best mvp discs time lapse simon lizotte glitch catch disc eagle rebirth envy

It would hard to narrow down the most popular MVP molds into a short list but we'll take a crack at it. Remember, you can find tons of MVP, Axiom and Streamline discs for sale on our website, as well as new drops and disc pre-orders.

Axiom Envy

axiom envy putter

Words that come to mind when describing the Envy are far flying, accurate, reliable, or maybe even, "The Holy Shot." For many, the Envy is their "do-it-all" disc that they carry in a multitude of plastics to achieve shot shaping at its finest. The Envy has been around since being first approved in 2014 and fits somewhere between a Axiom Proxy and a Streamline Stabilizer.

Axiom Time-Lapse

simon lizotte time lapse simon line disc

The first Simon-Line disc to be released under the new Axiom trademark, the Time-Lapse is Simon Lizotte’s first signature disc with his new sponsor. The Time-Lapse is an overstable 12 speed distance driver that fits somewhere between an Axiom Defy and an MVP Octane or Axiom Mayhem. Eagle McMahon mentioned that it might fit where his Discmania PD2 slot was in the past.

MVP Glitch

mvp glitch hybrid catch disc golf disc

Perhaps the single most popular disc in the sport since its inception, the MVP Glitch changed the way players and companies look at discs. A perfect “catch disc” the Glitch has also been adopted as a throwing putter by Simon, Eagle and even Drew Gibson. The Glitch has a never before seen amount of glide in such a light weight disc, while still being able to hold its stability through the entire flight. 

Axiom Hex

Axiom Hex simon lizotte midrange

The Axiom Hex is one of the most consistent flying midranges on the market. Period. End of story. The Hex is akin to the proxy or Envy, where it starts with a straight, point and shoot flight, and breaks in to a perfect flier depending on the plastic. Many players will carry a Hex alongside an Axiom Pyro as well as the new Detour to fill all potential midrange slots in their bag.

Axiom Crave

Axiom sarah hokom crave for sale disc golf disc driver

Sarah Hokom’s signature disc, the Axiom Crave is one of the most versatile discs available. Coming in at a 6.5 speed, the Crave lands just below a fast driver or a quicker midrange. It can handle tons of torque but also has the ability to be hyper-maneuverable on tight lines on wooded courses. 

MVP Plastics

Read in-depth reviews of every MVP plastic here.

The MVP brand offers a ton of plastic options. It’s something that seems so on brand with their name, “Maple Valley Plastics.” From beautiful combinations with GYRO like a Prism Proton Plasma, or a Cosmic Electron Firm or soft, there are endless options from the MVP brand. Take a look below at all of the MVP plastic options we sell at Disc Golf Deals USA!

What Sort of Player Throws MVP

If you're a player who values precision and the latest in disc golf technology, the MVP line-up of discs is perfect for you. Players who take pride in being consistent not only in the lines they hit on the course but in the discs they throw will natural gravitate towards the brand. MVP prides themselves on consistency, taking cues from their advanced plastic injection background and putting thought and care into the discs and plastics they produce. Buy MVP, Axiom and Streamline discs at Disc Golf Deals USA today!

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