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MVP Plastic Types Comparison

Are you here to learn the MVP plastic differences? If so welcome to the most thorough MVP plastic comparison on the World Wide Web! 

This article is written as a summarized overview of every plastic. We have in-depth reviews of each specific plastic which you can access through the list below. Otherwise, read this MVP plastic guide and we'll include links to the in-depth articles throughout.

If you'd like to learn more about MVP Disc Sports in general, take a look at this company overview article. If you're here for the plastic, read on to have MVP plastics explained to you by disc golfers!

Streamline, MVP, and Axiom Plastics

If you didn't know this already, we're telling you now. Streamline Discs and Axiom Discs are both owned by MVP Disc Sports. Therefore they all use the same plastics. The only difference is that MVP and Axiom discs have the Gyro overmold technology, while Streamline's discs do not.

Thanks to the Gyro overmold MVP's plastics are some of the most durable in disc golf! The science behind the overmold is to take weight out of the inner core and have it in the rim. This helps the disc to spin, giving you a longer flight.

Another advantage of the overmold is its high density. The rim is the area of the disc that takes the brunt of the damage. Therefore the density of MVP's rims makes them incredibly hardy and durable!

MVP Plastics Durability, Stiffness, And Grip Charts

MVP plastics durability comparison chart
mvp plastics flex comparison chart
MVP plastics grip comparison chart

MVP Plastic Stability


It's very difficult to precisely compare these plastics' stability. This is due to MVP's commitment to maintaining flight consistency across all its plastic types! Therefore we ask you to view this list as a rough guide. MVP plastics stability can vary from run to run.

This list is ordered most understable to the most stable MVP plastic.

  1. Electron
  2. Fission
  3. Neutron
  4. Proton
  5. Plasma
  6. Cosmic Neutron
  7. Eclipse 2.0 (pre-2023 runs)

If you're looking for the most overstable MVP plastic check out Eclipse discs that were made prior to 2023. These were noticeably more overstable, but since then MVP tweaked the plastic blend for flight path consistency.

MVP Electron Plastic

MVP Electron plastic disc golf disc

In-depth review here.

Electron is the only MVP baseline plastic. It is available in 3 levels of flexibility; soft, medium, and firm. It's their grippiest plastic making it the best MVP plastic for putt and approach discs. Electron is the only plastic that will beat in relatively quickly, making it the most viable choice for disc cycling fans. It is also sometimes more understable out of the box.

Shop for Electron discs.

MVP Neutron Plastic

MVP Neutron plastic disc

In-depth review here

Neutron is one of MVP's most popular plastics and for a reason! Comparable to Innova Star, it has grip, durability, and a highly consistent flight. Neutron comes in bright and bold colors, making it easy for you to find your disc after a wayward shot! It is also the least expensive premium-grade plastic from MVP!

Shop for Neutron discs.

MVP Proton Plastic

MVP Proton plastic disc golf disc

In-depth review here

Proton is arguably the most durable plastic in the history of disc golf! It's comparable to Innova Champion and shares the same translucent look. It also feels much like Champion, so it's not the number-one choice when you're prioritizing grip. Proton can be a little more stable out of the box, and it will retain that stability for longer than other plastics. Note that some discs are available in Proton soft.

Shop for Proton discs.

MVP Plasma Plastic

MVP Plasma plastic disc golf

In-depth review here

Plasma is a plastic like none other! It looks similar to Innova Gstar but is much more durable. It's one of the prettiest plastics you can find, and this alone shares responsibility for its popularity! On the flip side, Plasma is a tad more costly than Neutron and Proton.

Shop for Plasma discs.

MVP Fission Plastic

Axiom Fission plastic disc golf disc

In-depth review here

Fission is a monument to MVP's dedication to grafting science into disc golf! It's essentially Neutron with microbubbles in the core. These discs can be made 10 grams lighter, yet retain near-identical flight patterns! We repeat, this means you can throw further with less effort, without losing flight consistency!

Fission is comparable to Innova Blizzard Champion, but thanks to Gyro technology MVP's plastic throws off many of the cons associated with microbubble discs!

Shop for Fission discs.

MVP Eclipse 2.0 Plastic

Axiom Eclipse 2.0 plastic disc golf disc

In-depth review here

Eclipse 2.0 is MVP's glow plastic of reknown! It outshines the rest as having the brightest and longest-lasting glow in the disc golf industry! Before Eclipse 2.0 Kastaplast laid claim to the title. Since then MVP brought out their new and improved Eclipse plastic, and there's been no looking back!

Shop for Eclipse 2.0 discs.

MVP Cosmic Plastic

MVP Cosmic Neutron plastic disc

Cosmic is not in itself a plastic, but rather an effect that can be applied to some of the MVP's other plastics. Cosmic discs boast eye-catching swirls that will make even the worst shots look good! Many MVP fans consider the Cosmic effect to increase a mold's stability.

MVP Prism Plastic

Axiom Prism plastic disc

MVP Prism is the sparkly effect you see in so many special edition discs today. It can be placed in the rim, the core, or both. MVP not only creates highly functional discs but also panders to those of us who love shiny stuff! Some Gyronauts consider discs with Prism rims to beat in slower, although this is debatable.


We hope this guide to MVP disc golf plastics answered any questions you had. If you need more information don't forget to read our in-depth guides on each plastic specifically! MVP's plastics are works of art, the result of many years of scientific research and adjustment. While MVP Disc Sports are more than just their plastics, we can't help but wonder how much they haven't contributed to MVP's recent soar in popularity?

Frequently Asked Questions About MVP Discs Plastics

What is MVP's only baseline plastic?

Electron is MVP's one and only baseline plastic. It comes in three different levels of flexibility; soft, medium, and firm. It's a really grippy plastic, making it the ideal choice for putt and approach discs from Axiom, Streamline, and MVP.

What is MVP's best-looking plastic?

In our opinion, Plasma is MVP's best-looking plastic! Its beautiful shimmer and weird illusion of depth create an aesthetic like none other! Add in the Prism effect and you get an absolute stunner!

Which MVP plastic is most overstable?

Up until 2023, MVP's Eclipse 2.0 plastic was noticeably more overstable. Since then they have perfected their blend to be more consistent with the flight paths of its other plastics.

Are MVP discs durable?

Thanks to their dense Gyro overmold MVP's discs are insanely durable! Proton is their most durable plastic and will last you many many years. Even Electron is tough for a baseline plastic!

Are overmold discs better?

We wouldn't care to make a definite statement, but in our own opinion yes they are! Increased rotation , thanks to the dense Gyro overmold, results in smoother, longer flights. Besides this, the hardy overmolds also increase the lifespan of your disc!


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