MVP Proton Plastic Review

MVP Proton Plastic Review

Looking for a full guide on everything there is to know about MVP's Proton plastic? You've finally found what you're looking for! Read on to learn all about the Proton plastic by MVP.

Proton is one of the most overstable plastics in the MVP lineup. It's translucent with a similar look and feel to Innova Champion and Discraft Z Line. It's the most durable plastic from MVP, and arguably the most durable plastic in disc golf. This is because MVP's overmold rims are insanely dense, and rims are the area of the disc that takes the most beating!

Take a look at all the MVP discs we have to offer in Proton plastic!

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Proton is the most durable plastic offered by MVP. It's not just the Proton plastic that is durable! MVP and Axiom's discs feature a dense overmold. Because the rim takes the brunt of the landing their discs tend to last longer than other brands!


Grip: MVP's Proton plastic is not the grippiest out there, but it still feels great! One thing to watch out for - In hot sun this plastic gets really tacky and soft, making it amazingly grippy. This is a consistently average-to-good grip plastic in most conditions. 6.5 /10.

Stiffness: Proton is one of MVP's stiffer plastics. If you'd like something more flexible for stickier landings you should try out Proton Soft plastic. It's generally available for slower-speed discs. We give it a 7/10 for stiffness.


MVP Proton is slightly more overstable than Neutron plastic in most cases. Think of a comparison between Champion and Star. You can expect Proton plastic to retain its flight path for a long time thanks to its awesome durability! This is also great when you lose a disc because a new one will have much the same flight.

Proton In Different Weather Conditions

Cold: Proton will lose some of its flex in cold weather. If you're a fan of firm discs this won't be a problem, but if you enjoy a little give you may want to try out Proton Soft plastic.

Warm: This disc will gain a nice amount of give in hotter weather. Just watch out for condensation under the flight plate! If you have a towel handy it's not a problem.

Rain: For optimal performance in wet conditions players generally stick to grippy plastics. If you're like this yourself you might find that Proton becomes a little too slick in the rain.


Most MVP and Axiom stock run discs in Proton plastic are around the $17 mark. Special editions can run up to $25. Streamline discs in Proton sit at $15 because they don't have an overmold. $15 is considerably cheaper than other brand's comparable plastics!

See Proton disc prices here


Proton Soft

proton soft disc golf plastic

Proton Soft Plastic is out of production at MVP. That's why they love to use it for special releases! It was heavily featured in the 2023 OTB Open, and 2024 OTB Open Special Edition Releases. MVP Proton Soft has a great-feeling amount of flex, and will stick its landing better than standard Proton!

Most Proton Soft Discs are special editions so you're unlikely to find much under $20.

Check out Proton Soft prices here

Prism Proton

Prism Proton plastic in a disc

Prism Proton is another MVP favorite for special editions. Take a look at the Axiom Hex in Prism Proton from this year's OTB Open Releases. Another notable disc is Eagle MacMahons Prism Proton Envy! Prism discs have a beautiful shimmer in the rim, and sometimes in the flight plate too, making sweet special edition discs look even better!

Prism Proton stock discs are generally around $19, while special editions can climb to $25.

Check our Prism Proton discs here

Prism Proton Soft

prism proton soft disc golf plastic
To state the obvious Prism Proton Soft is simply Proton Soft with the Prism effect in Proton Rim. This is a rare plastic that MVP tends to use sparingly, due it being officially out of production - much to our disappointment! This year's OTB drop features a Prism Proton Soft Vanish.

Prism Proton Soft discs are almost always special editions so prices are normally around $25.

See the 2024 OTB Open Prism Proton Soft Vanish - before it disappears!

Key Takeaways

Pros of Proton

  • Unmatched durability
  • Beautiful translucent colors
  • Soft version for extra give
  • Prism version for an eye-catching shimmer effect
  • Lower price than comparable plastics from other brands
  • Can be slightly more overstable

Cons of Proton

  • Can get pretty slick when wet

Final Thoughts

 We hope that this MVP Proton plastic review was helpful! Proton is a ridiculously durable plastic that comes in beautiful translucent colors! For more flexibility see Proton Soft, and for a lovely shimmer see Prism Proton. If you want both together take a peek at Prism Proton Soft!

If you're an MVP, Axiom, or Streamline Discs fan you've probably already experienced the magic in these plastics. If you haven't now's your chance!

See all Proton Discs here

Notable Discs

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