MVP Neutron Plastic Review

MVP Neutron Plastic Review

If you're looking to learn all about MVP's most popular plastic, Neutron, from disc golfers with first-hand experience, read on! 

Neutron was the first plastic released by MVP Disc Sports and since then it has been established as a fan favorite! It's most comparable to the Innova star plastic, and shares some of the great characteristics!

One of the standout features of Neutron Plastic is the bright colors. It's also slightly opaque. That may be due to the small amount of plastic MVP uses in the flight plate. They then create an extremely dense overmold to generate more spin. MVP are the scientists of disc golf!

MVP likes to release their latest molds in Neutron, so keep your eyes peeled!

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MVP Neutron plastic disc


The MVP Neutron plastic is the second most durable in their lineup. Coming just after Proton in terms of durability, you can expect these discs to last for a long time! We also find that because MVP's overmolds are so dense their discs tend to beat in slower! 


Grip: While providing a decent amount of grip we wouldn't consider Neutron to be MVP's grippiest plastic. If you need a little extra grip you could try out the MVP Neutron Soft plastic. We rate it 7.5/10.

Stiffness: Just slightly more flexible than MVP's Proton plastic we would rank this a 6/10 for stiffness. If you're looking for Neutron with more flex you should try Neutron Soft, although it is only available for select molds. (usually putters)


Neutron is the 3rd most overstable plastic in MVP's lineup slotting in after Eclipse and Proton. It's often considered the most true to flight numbers. Due to the dense overmold Neutron will beat in slower. This means that when you lose a Neutron disc replacing it would not change the flight path significantly!

If you want something with added stability you should consider Cosmic Neutron. 

Neutron In Different Weather Conditions

Cold: Expect this plastic to stiffen in colder temperatures. If you want a winter bag consider buying Neutron Soft versions of some of your favorite discs. Otherwise, Plasma is a softer option.

Warm: Neutron will gain a decent amount of flex and grip in hot weather without turning into a pancake!

Rain: Neutron is not the best choice of plastic for rainy rounds. For top performance in wet conditions consider Electron for some extra grip!


Discs in the Neutron plastic come with a reasonable price tag for their durability. You can expect to pay around $18 for a new stock run MVP, Axiom, or Streamline disc in Neutron plastic. Some of the special edition discs released in Neutron can run up to $25. See the r2 Neutron plastic for the lowest prices!

See prices here.


MVP R2 Neutron

r2 MVP plastic disc

We can't say enough about MVP's r2 Neutron plastic! It has the same great durability as standard Neutron but with added benefits! R2 Neutron plastic is typically more understable.

r2 Neutron discs are always black with a white overmold, and we're not complaining. Black is a sick-looking color for discs, and is still considered fairly rare! 

The most important feature is that this plastic is made with recycled goods. If you're an eco-conscious disc golfer, this is the plastic to put your mind at ease! 

As an added benefit the recycled materials also lower the cost impressively! Stock run r2 discs sell for around $15! You can save even more with MVP's starter packs, offering 3 discs in a package!

See r2 Neutron discs

See r2 starter packs

MVP Cosmic Neutron

Cosmic Neutron disc

The Cosmic Neutron plastic features some of the most impressive swirls you'll find from any disc manufacturer! Players have found that the Cosmic Neutron plastic can cause discs to fly with more stability than standard Neutron. This is great if you like to bag multiple discs in the same mold!

Cosmic Neutron discs generally sell for around $19 to $22. If you look at the Streamline discs in Cosmic you'll find prices as low as $16!

See Cosmic Neutron prices

Prism Neutron

Prism Neutron Plastic Disc

Prism Neutron discs feature the same characteristics as normal Neutron with the added effect of the rim being made out of Proton plastic! This often gives a glittery, semi-transparent look to the rim, and can sometimes make the runs more understable! MVP loves to release special edition discs in this great plastic just to add to the hype! Prism Neutron generally ranges from $19 to $25. 

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Neutron Soft

Neutron soft disc

Neutron Soft is only available for MVP, Axiom, and Streamline's slower-speed discs, with some exceptions. The benefit of this disc is that the softer plastic will cause the disc to stay where it lands. You'll also be getting an improvement in grip to boot! Players generally find Neutron Soft to be more overstable than stock Neutron!

Key Takeaways

Pros of Neutron

  • Great durability
  • Bright colors are easy to find
  • Consistent flight
  • Great for summer weather
  • Eco-friendly r2 edition
  • Cosmic and Prism variations for beautiful discs

Cons of Neutron

  • There aren't any.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this MVP Neutron plastic review helpful! Neutron is a great plastic with superior durability. Take a look at our Cosmic Neutron and Prism Neutron discs to find some beauts! If you're a fan of black discs you have to see our r2 selection

Any MVP, Axiom, or Streamline Discs fan needs to try out Neutron!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Star and Neutron?

Neutron is much like Innova's Star plastic. The key difference is that Neutron tends to have less flexibility. Both are durable and have a good grip!

Is Cosmic Neutron more overstable than Neutron Soft?

Yes, Cosmic Neutron does tend to be more overstable than Neutron Soft. 

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