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MVP Eclipse 2.0 Plastic Review

What's the worst thing about a glow round? Being scared of the dark. What's the second worst thing? Glow discs that aren't bright enough, and don't charge properly!

MVP Eclipse 2.0 is the king of all glow plastics! MVP Disc Sports have leveraged science and hard work to perfect their Eclipse plastic! The result? A glow-in-the-dark plastic with unmatched brightness, and then longest lasting glow in the disc golf world!

Eclipse 2.0 is one of the most durable plastics MVP produces. While it used to create overstable runs, in recent times MVP has tweaked their blend to maintain a flight path consistent with their other premium-grade plastics.

Put on your sunnies and take a look at all the discs we stock in the exceptionally bright Eclipse 2.0 plastic.

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Axiom Eclipse 2.0 Glow plastic disc golf disc

Eclipse 1.0 vs Eclipse 2.0

You're probably wondering, if there's an Eclipse 2.0, what was Eclipse 1.0? Eclipse 1.0 was MVP's old glow plastic, which has been discontinued for about 3 years now. The old Eclipse plastic was basically Proton that glowed in the dark. Eclipse 2.0 is an exponential improvement on Eclipse 1.0, boasting a brighter and longer-lasting glow!

Charging MVP Eclipse Discs

MVP UV Flashlight

MVP Eclipse discs charge easier than any other glow discs, and they shine for much longer! However, some of their alternate glow colors other than Green, such as Aqua or White, respond best when using a UV Torch to activate their full glow potential. We strongly recommend you pick up one of these MVP UV torches up before going out in the dark with your new Eclipse 2.0 discs! The extra large end makes the charging go even faster!


MVP Eclipse battles it out with MVP Proton for the title of MVP's most durable plastic. Both are extremely hardy and could lay claim to being the longest-lasting plastics in the disc golf industry! You can expect Eclipse discs to retain their initial flight path out of the box for quite some time before they wear in.


Grip: Depending on their level of wear, Glow discs have something of a reputation for being slippery. While Eclipse 2.0 is by no means one of the grippiest plastics, it does a great job for a glow-in-the-dark material. We rate it a 6.5/10 for grip.

Stiffness: Eclipse 2.0 has a similar amount of flex to Proton. We rate it accordingly at 7/10 for stiffness.


Up until 2023, Eclipse was considerably more overstable than MVP's other premium plastics. Since then MVP has tweaked the plastic blend to produce a flight consistent with its other plastic. Nowadays the stability can vary from run to run, with some being more understable!

Eclipse In Different Weather Conditions

Cold: Due to the earlier sunset times, glow rounds are more commonly played in winter. Eclipse discs will lose some of their flex, but other than that there are no serious issues with them in cold weather.

Warm: The brightness of the sun and a fully charged MVP Eclipse 2.0 disc may be more than your eyes can handle! Take caution and wear sunglasses!

Rain: If you're playing in the dark and the rain, chances are you're not concerned about the grip you're getting on your disc. If you are, Eclipse will be fairly slippery when wet.

Eclipse Plastic Price

The price of Eclipse discs is not at all bad for a glow plastic! You can buy stock run Eclipse for $20, although some special editions can be over $25. We consider Eclipse to be well worth the price due to the quality of the glow, and just the plastic in general!

See Eclipse glow plastic prices here.


Eclipse 2.0

Eclipse 2.0 is MVP's standard glow-in-the-dark plastic at the current time. It features a glowing inner core with a normal overmold. It is superior by a long shot to any other glow-in-the-dark plastic on the market!

Total Eclipse

Axiom Total Eclipse plastic disc

Total Eclipse discs feature a glowing inner core and overmold! MVP loves to use this plastic for special editions. It gets even better when you start to incorporate color glow! You can get a disc with an inner core and overmold that are glowing in different colors!

Check out the newly released special edition Pitch to see color glow cores and overmolds in action!

Color Glow Eclipse

Color Glow Eclipse is just what it sounds like, Eclipse that glows a color. While the plastic looks absolutely amazing in the dark, there are some downsides. Color glow is never as bright as the standard greeny-yellow glow. It also loses its charge faster than standard Eclipse.

MVP Eclipse R2 Neutron

Eclipse R2 Neutron plastic disc

The great thing about R2 Neutron discs is that they are always made in black. This gets even better when you add an Eclipse overmold! With a black inner core, and a glowing overmold the result is a halo of light flying through the darkness! These will also be grippier than other MVP Eclipse plastic discs thanks to the recycled plastic core.

Check out R2 Neutron discs here.

Key Takeaways

Pros of Eclipse 2.0

  • Brightest glow plastic in disc golf
  • Holds its charge for longer than any other glow disc
  • Extremely durable
  • Consistent flight
  • Reasonable price for a glow disc
  • Color glow looks awesome

Cons of Eclipse 2.0

  • Stability varies between different runs
  • Alternate glow colors like Aqua or White are harder to charge up than Green

Final Thoughts

It's undeniable that Eclipse 2.0 is the leader in the glow-in-the-dark disc golf sector! MVP Eclipse glows like none other! Any fan of glow rounds has to try out Eclipse. If glow rounds are a common occurrence in your life you should also get a UV flashlight to accompany your discs. Pick up an MVP Eclipse glow disc and be en"light"ened!

Find our MVP discs in Eclipse plastic here.

Notable Discs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MVP Eclipse 2.0 plastic?

Eclipse 2.0 is MVP's standard glow-in-the-dark plastic. It glows brighter and lasts longer than any other plastic in the disc golf industry! It used to be typically more overstable until 2023 when MVP tweaked the plastic blend.

What plastics are similar to MVP Eclipse?

Kastaplast's glow plastic is the most comparable to MVP Eclipse. It used to be the #1 glow plastic until MVP brought out Eclipse 2.0. Now Eclipse takes the stage as disc golf's brightest and longest-lasting glow plastic!

What is the difference between Eclipse 1.0 and Eclipse 2.0?

Eclipse 1.0 was MVP's old glow plastic. It has been discontinued for about 3 years, and replaced with Eclipse 2.0. It was essentially Proton that glowed in the dark. Eclipse 2.0 is a drastic improvement that glows brighter and holds its charge for longer than any other glow-in-the-dark disc plastic!


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