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MVP Electron Plastic Review

Read on for a comprehensive guide to MVP's Electron Plastic. We'll cover every aspect of the plastic, from the feel to the price! 

Electron is MVP's one and only baseline plastic, comparable to Innova DX and Dynamic Discs Prime. It's the preferred plastic for putters thanks to its great grip and extra glide! It's the cheapest plastic MVP has to offer, and beats in faster than any other in their lineup! Electron is available in soft, medium, and firm versions for different degrees of flexibility, and in Cosmic Electron for some breathtaking swirls!

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Streamline Electron plastic disc



Electron is the least durable of MVP's plastic. Despite this, you'll still find it to be hardier than other brands base line plastics thanks to the dense overmold! The rim of a disc is the area that takes the most beating, and MVP discs have the hardest rims around!

While other MVP plastics take time to wear in, Electron is a little quicker. This makes it a great choice for those of you who love disc cycling. (No this is not playing disc golf on a bicycle!) Disc cycling is when you bag multiple discs in the same mold all in different stages of wear. Each disc will have a slightly varied flight path.


Grip: Electron is the grippiest plastic MVP produces! This makes it a great choice for putters as it will also grip the chains! If you enjoy plastics with a tacky feel to them you should try out Electron. We rate it a 9/10 for grip!

Stiffness: Electron is no stiffer than other base plastics. If you enjoy putters with a little bit of give MVP makes a few putters in their Electron Soft plastic. We give it an 6/10 stiffness rating.


Like with all baseline plastics in disc golf, you can expect Electron to be a little flippier out of the box! It also beats in quicker, leading to further understability. MVP also says that their Electron plastic gives their discs some extra glide. We feel these characteristics make for great driving and putting putters! 

Electron In Different Weather Conditions

Cold: While Electron may get harder in cold weather, this is not any reason for concern! If you'd to counter the cold effect, bag some Electron Soft versions of your favorite molds.

Warm: In warm weather you can rely on Electron's grip and tackiness to persevere through sweat and sun! Warmth may soften it, but we promise you won't be putting with a smoothie, instead of a disc! If you want to counter the sun try out Electron Firm discs.

Rain: Once again Electron's superior grip shines through! When it comes to putting grip is essential, and you can trust Electron putters in the wettest conditions.


Good news, Electron is the most economical plastic MVP, Axiom, and Streamline Discs has to offer you! While Streamline discs in Electron go for prices comparable to other brands' baseline plastics, MVP and Axiom discs are a couple of dollars more due to the overmold. You should be paying $12 for Electron Streamline and $14 for Axiom and MVP. Some special editions like Simon's Pixel will run up to $17.

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Electron Medium 

Electron Medium is the plastic previously known as Electron. MVP in recent times has worked on their Electron soft plastic, and introduced Electron Firm. Hence the renaming. If you like your putters to be soft, but not too soft it's likely that Electron Medium will be your preffered plastic.

Electron Soft

Axiom Electron Soft plastic disc

MVP has recently retooled their Electron Soft plastic to be softer. They did this to set it further apart from Electron medium. (standard Electron) We love this because it opens up more options for different players' preferences in feel. If you need your approaches to stick where they land, consider throwing Electron Soft plastic discs. 

Do be warned that Electron Soft discs are more likely to warp than the other versions of Electron. Don't throw it into any trees! Like that's gonna work:)

Electron Firm

Axiom Electron Firm plastic disc

Electron Hard is one of MVP's latest plastics. Giving MVP fans yet another choice, you can now get the exact feel in a putter you're looking for! This is the stiffest baseline plastic MVP has to offer. If you're a fan of Dynamic Discs Prime you'll find Electron Firm to be similar.

Cosmic Electron

MVP Cosmic Electron plastic disc

MVP's Cosmic Electron is a plastic for those who don't like to be boring. Look good throw good! Cosmic Electron has some of the most impressive swirls you'll find on a disc. The best thing is that it hardly increases the price! Cosmic Electron is available for soft, medium, and firm discs.

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Key Takeaways

Pros of Electron

  • Grippiest plastic from MVP
  • Available in Soft, Medium, and Firm
  • Allows for disc cycling
  • Great in all weather conditions
  • Feels higher quality than most low-grade plastics 
  • Extra glide

Cons of Electron

  • Beats in quicker (some people like this)
  • Slightly more expensive than other brands' baseline discs
  • Can warp

Final Thoughts On MVP Electron

Electron is a great plastic, and the obvious choice for MVP, Axiom, and Streamline putting putters! It's available in 3 levels of flexibility, Soft, Medium, and Firm. 

Boasting unparalleled grip and some extra glide every MVP, Axiom, and Streamline Discs fan won't stop talking to you about Electron if you happen to mention the word!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MVP base plastic?

MVP's base plastic is known as Electron. It has great grip and some extra glide. It is available in varying degrees of flexibility with Electron Soft, Medium, and Firm.

How do Electron discs fly?

MVP base plastic discs generally have some extra glide and are a little more understable out of the box. You can expect them to beat in faster than other MVP plastics increasing the understability over time.

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