MVP Plasma Plastic Review

MVP Plasma Plastic Review

MVP Disc Sports once again shines as unique with their one-of-a-kind Plasma Plastic. MVP Plasma is a plastic that cannot exactly be compared to any other plastic from any other brand! Some consider it to be a more durable Gstar, but to get a true idea of this plastic's features we recommend you read our full Plasma review below.

MVP Plasma discs are highly durable, although not quite as hardy as Proton in most cases. The standout feature of Plasma is its crazy good aesthetics! The plastic has a metallic sheen, much like Innova's Gstar plastic. This sheen can be swirly or sparkly! Prism Plasma has sparkles in the rim, inner core, or both. Select Plasma discs come with a color shift feature!

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MVP Plasma Octane


Plasma is one of MVP's premium-grade plastics, and with that tag comes impressive durability. MVP manufactures their discs with the concentration of weight in the overmold to increase spin. This makes the rims of MVP's discs incredibly dense, contributing to their largely unmatched durability!

Some players consider Prism Plasma overmold discs to be hardier. Whichever variation of Plasma you get you can rest assured that your disc will season at a slow and steady pace. This allows you to wear in discs to your optimal flight path!


Grip: Plasma has a decent amount of grip to it, and an awesome gummy feel! This makes it one of MVP's grippiest premium plastics! Do be warned that Plasma's feel can vary run to run. We're giving it a 7.5/10 for grip!

Stiffness: Plasma has a moderate amount of flex to it. It's generally slightly stiffer than Neutron, and more flexible than Proton. Do realize that this can vary run to run. There have been runs of Plasma in the past that have been soft and tacky. We do our best to let you know how our discs feel in the product descriptions, so be sure to give them a read! We'll rate Plasma 7/10 for stiffness.


Plasma is considered to be a more overstable plastic from MVP. The difference is minimal as MVP have dedicated themselves to consistency! Because Plasma beats in a little quicker and easier than Proton, you should try it out if you're a fan of disc cycling.

MVP Plasma also has a slightly larger dome when compared to other plastics. This can contribute to the varying flight paths, and also gives you a touch more glide!

Plasma In Different Weather Conditions

Cold: Plasma is a great plastic for cold weather. Its decent amount of flex gives you some leeway for your winter rounds!

Warm: In warm weather you can expect Plasma to get gummier and softer. To many, this is a bonus! Plasma is also more resistant to that grip destroying condensation on your disc that plagues your summer rounds!

Rain: While not the grippiest MVP plastic, Plasma is by no means slippery. It can hold its own in the rain, although we do still recommend a towel. Whether you use it on yourself or your disc is up to you!

Plasma Price

Plasma is, for all the reasons above, MVP's most costly plastic. You can generally expect to find stock-run Plasma discs at the 19-dollar mark. Streamline Plasma discs are a couple of dollars less. Special edition Plasma discs can run up to $25 or more.

See our Plasma disc prices here.


MVP Prism Plasma

Axiom Prism Plasma Envy

MVP Prism Plasma is the only notable variation of the standard Plasma plastic. Prism discs feature eye-catching metallic sparkles that will make Plasma look even better! The Prism effect is generally in the overmold, although sometimes it can be in the inner core, and sometimes in both!

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Key Takeaways

Pros of Plasma

  • Grippy
  • A comfortable amount of flex
  • Durable
  • Great in all types of weather
  • Extremely beautiful

Cons of Plasma

  • The most expensive MVP plastic
  • Not as durable as Proton (Some will consider this a plus.)

Final Thoughts

MVP Plasma is a crazy beautiful, and great-feeling plastic, that takes prime real estate in many a player's bag! With a slightly higher price tag than other MVP, Axiom, and Streamline plastics, we believe the sweet features make the extra dollar obsolete!

Pick up a Plasma disc here to experience a plastic like none other!

(Or just steal one from a buddy.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MVP Plasma plastic?

MVP Plasma is a premium-grade plastic manufactured by MVP Disc Sports. It's durable, grippy, and comfortably flexible. It's most recognized for its beautiful metallic sheen.

What plastics are similar to MVP Plasma?

There is no particular plastic that is quite like MVP Plasma. The most often compared is Innova's Gstar plastic. Both these plastics share the same metallic sheen, but Plasma is more durable, and Gstar is more flexible.

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