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MVP Fission Plastic Review

Have you ever heard of microbubble technology in disc golf plastics? It's when manufacturers intentionally produce discs with tiny bubbles in the plastic. This makes the disc lighter, allowing it to fly further! The world distance record in disc golf was achieved by David Wiggins Jr. with a micro bubble disc, the Innova Blizzard Champion Boss. David threw it 1108 feet!

Now this sounds great, right? Well, it's not all a bed of roses. There have been several downsides to microbubble discs in the past. However, MVP Disc Sports has worked constantly to eliminate these cons from their own lightweight plastic, MVP Fission!

The 2 major cons with microbubble discs were: durability and understability. Due to MVP's overmold technology, their Fission discs were not affected by durability issues associated with other brands' lightweight plastics!

Lighter-weight discs are more understable, but thanks to the overmold and the way MVP has developed this plastic, the disc retains some stability despite the lighter weight. This means for many runs of Fission, you will find a 165-gram disc flies very similarly to a 175-gram Neutron disc, only further thanks to the lighter weight.

Lighter weight discs help you to throw further because they are easier to get up to speed. Every few grams off means that you can throw them a mile or two per hour faster. All of this translates into more distance with less effort!

MVP's Fission plastic started out as Neutron with bubbles. MVP has been constantly tweaking the blend since then. One change has been to improve the grip on Fission discs. Previously they were rather slick, but this is improving drastically as MVP work on their Fission plastic!

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Axiom Fission plastic Crave disc golf disc


Thanks to MVP's dense overmold their Fission plastic retains the durability levels associated with their premium grade plastics! Comparable plastics like Innova's Blizzard plastic have always been known to beat in quickly. MVP has risen above the rest with a microbubble plastic that doesn't scream every time you throw it into a tree, and for some of us that's often!


Grip: Earlier runs of MVP Disc Sports Fission used to be slippery, affording players poor grip. After years of trial and error, they've corrected this issue! We'd rate Fission a 7/10 for grip!

Stiffness: Fission has slightly more flex than Neutron. Therefore we rate it a 5/10 for stiffness.


Once again the MVP Gyro technology saves the day! The bubbles in the inner core allow MVP to push more weight into the overmold which increases stability. This means that a 165-gram Fission disc will fly like a 175-gram Neutron disc, only further! As you move to weights under 165 grams you will start to notice a tad more understability, but nothing compared to a plastic like Blizzard Champion!

If your favorite driver is an MVP, Axiom, or Streamline mold you should definitely try out a Fission version of that disc. Same flight, more distance. Any complaints?

Fission In Different Weather Conditions

Cold: You shouldn't experience any issues when throwing Fission in winter. It will lose a little of its flexibility due to the cold. The extra distance will save you strokes, speeding up your game, meaning less time till you're back in your car with the seat warmers on!

Warm: There are no drawbacks to using the fission in warm weather. The lighter weight means you can throw further with less effort, saving you some sweat!

Rain: Older blends of the Fission plastic from MVP used to have little to no grip. This made them poor performers on rainy days. Since then Fission's grip has improved tremendously, and some players even prefer it in the wet!

Fission Price

Fission is one of MVP and Axiom's most expensive plastics due to all the technology that goes into making a premium lightweight disc without compromising on the disc flight! You can find stock-run fission discs for $20. Interestingly Streamline discs in Fission are incredibly rare! This must be because Fission relies on the overmold technology for its amazing characteristics. We did find one special edition Streamline Fission Trace on eBay, it was selling for $225!

Thankfully our Fission discs are a little cheaper! Check them out here.

Key Takeaways

Pros of Fission

  • Flys further
  • Durable
  • Great grip
  • Good for beginners
  • Maintains the flight path of heavier discs

Cons of Fission

  • One MVP's most expensive plastic
  • Not as reliable in the wind (typical of lighter discs)

Final Thoughts

MVP Fission is the king of microbubble plastics in disc golf! It truly gives you the best of all worlds with its low weight, consistent flight path, durability, and grip! We beg you to try out one of your favorite molds in Fission! You'll be blown away by the added distance, yet consistent flight!

If you have a noodle arm Fission discs are your cheat sheet to big distance! Get one here.

If have a good arm you should get some anyway, otherwise, the noodle arms will be driving as far as you do!

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Axiom Fission plastic disc golf disc

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MVP Fission plastic?

MVP Fission plastic started out originally as Neutron with microbubbles added to the inner core. This makes the disc lighter allowing it to fly further! Unlike other brands' microbubble plastics, MVP Fission retains the durability and flight path of heavier premium plastics!

What plastics are similar to MVP Fission?

Innova Blizzard Champion and Dynamic Discs Lucid Air both use the same micro-bubble principle as MVP Fission. The difference with Fission is that it retains the same flight characteristics as heavier premium-grade plastics. This is thanks to MVP's Gyro overmold. A lighter inner core allows for more weight in the overmold, increasing the disc's stability!


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