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Best MVP, Axiom, and Streamline Discs - Building Your Dream Bag

Ready to become a Gyronaut? Or maybe you are one already! Here at Disc Golf Deals USA we are!

That's why we're building our dream Gyro bag in this article today. If you're switching over to an all-MVP bag, or maybe you're just looking for the best MVP discs, this article has you covered!

We've selected our favorite MVP, Axiom, and Streamline discs for each slot in your bag, whether it be a throwing putter or a distance roller!

Without further ado let's check out the discs!

Putting Putters

The ideal putting putter is largely subject to personal preference. We've listed our top 2 picks here, but if you want to dig deeper read this article on the best putters from MVP, Axiom, and Streamline to putt with.

Simon Lizotte Pixel - Deeper With Small Bead

Flight Numbers - 2 | 4 | 0 | 0.5



The Pixel is Axiom's latest putter, designed with Simon Lizotte to perfectly suit his putting style! It has the glide to reach the basket with minimal effort. It's on the deeper side, and has a microbead!

Pixels are available in all 3 flexes of Electron; soft, medium, and firm!

If you're ready to start sinking putts from a distance try out a Pixel!

Anode - Shallower and Beadless

Flight Numbers - 2 | 3 | 0 | 0



The Anode is on the shallow side of the average putter. It also has a comfortable beadless rim. If you're a fan of these characteristics in a putter the Anode will feel amazing in your hand!

It's very straight and has great glide. This makes it perfect for sinking putts from both circles!

Throwing Putters

If you'd like to dig deeper you can read this article on the best MVP, Axiom, and Streamline putters for driving and approaching!

Envy - Best Axiom Throwing Putter

Flight Numbers (premium) - 3 | 3 | 0 | 2


Flight Numbers (base) - 3 | 3 | -1 | 2



If you're throwing only MVP and Axiom, you get the privilege of bagging the world's best throwing putter! The Envy has a slightly lower profile than most putters. You can put a lot of power on it and trust it to fly straight with a gentle fading finish!

The Envy flies further than just about any other putter, and we strongly recommend you try it, whichever brands you throw!

We recommend bagging a premium plastic Envy and an Electron Envy. These discs will complement each other perfectly, giving you varied flight paths for any shot the course throws at you!

Proxy - Straight Throwing Putter

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | -1 | 0.5



If you don't like using base plastic discs as throwing putters you can use the Proxy to compliment your Envy! They have the same inner core as Envy's and their rims are even more comfortable!

These are dead straight and you'll love them on shorter technical wooded courses!

Entropy - Best for Forehand Approaches

Flight Numbers - 4 | 3 | 0 | 3



The Entropy is the forehand approach disc of choice in the MVP Disc Sports lineup! It's flat-topped, shallow, overstable, low glide, comfortable, and dependable! In other words, it's everything you look for in a forehand approach disc!

The Entropy also doubles as an overstable backhand approach disc when you need one!

Glitch - Dead Straight Tunnel Shots

Flight Numbers - 1 | 7 | 0 | 0



The Glitch isn't only a fun disc to throw! It's incredibly useful on short holes with dead straight lines! The Glitch holds whatever line you put it on, making it invaluable for tricky situations!


Hex - Workhorse Mid

Flight - Numbers - 5 | 5 | -1 | 1



The Axiom Hex flies just like the all-time favorite Buzzz, just inexplicably further! You can throw a ton of shot shapes with it as well!

The Hex flies straight and finishes with a moderate and dependable fade. It's low profile and extremely comfortable! It'll fit snugly in any player's hand!

The Hex will be your go-to for the majority of your midrange shots! You can even use it for forehands!

Pyro - Overstable Mid

Flight Numbers - 5 | 4 | 0 | 2.5



The Axiom Pyro fills the overstable midrange slot of the dream MVP bag! You can rely on it for windy days and consistent meat hooks. The great thing about the Pyro is that it's not crazily overstable. You can still expect to get a fair amount of distance from it!

The Pyro is also very usable as a sidearm disc!

Paradox - Understable Mid

Flight Numbers - 5 | 4 | -4 | 0



Rounding off our all-Axiom midrange selection is the Paradox! It's more of a utility disc in this bag than a go-to. You'll find it handy for smooth hyzer flips, backhand turnovers, and short rollers!

Fairway Drivers

Crave - Straight Fairway

Flight Numbers - 6.5 | 5 | -1 | 1



The Axiom Crave is extremely popular, and for good reason! It flies far, glides amazingly, and is very straight! It's basically a longer Hex, and the two discs will complement each other perfectly in your bag!

The slightly slower speed also makes it very easy to control!

Fireball - Overstable Forehand Driver

Flight Numbers - 9 | 3.5 | 0 | 3.5



The Axiom Fireball is your Firebird replica! You can use it for forehand flexes, tomahawks, thumbers, and skip shots! If you plan to go out and play in a hurricane you'll want your Fireball with you.

The Fireball has a flat top, making it comfortable in the hand, and consistent in the wind!

Volt - Stable Fairway Driver

Flight Numbers - 8 | 5 | -0.5 | 2



The Volt will be your TeeBird-style fairway! It's very dependable and workable, and will be a go-to for those shots that don't quite need a distance driver!

When you're looking for accuracy and placement off the tee then you'll reach for your Volt! As a bonus, the Volt also looks and flies great when thrown sidearm!

Drift - Understable Fairway Driver

Flight Numbers - 7 | 5 | -2 | 1



The Drift is the only Streamline disc that made it into our bag. Its smooth and satisfying understable flight is the reason why it's here! You can use it for straight hyzer flips, and long backhand turnovers with a small finish back.

We recommend you pick up two of these and beat one in for a slightly more understable flight path!

Distance Drivers

Wave - Best Neutral Control Driver

Flight Numbers - 11 | 5 | -2 | 2



The Wave is an awesome disc that's great fun to throw! It's really comfortable thanks in part to the smaller rim! You can rip this on forehands and backhands for impressive distance!

The MVP Wave offers you the option to take one step down from a full-on distance driver!

Orbital - Big Rollers and Turnovers

Flight Numbers - 11 | 5 | -4.5 | 1



The MVP Orbital is a very understable distance driver that you will need for specific shots. It's perfect as a long-distance roller! It's also usable for hyzer flip turnovers, backhand or forehand! It's low profile, and comfortable in the hand for both shot types.

Photon - Best Forehand Distance Driver

Flight Numbers - 11 | 5 | -1 | 2



The Photon fills the "Wraith slot" in an MVP bag. You can use it for forehands when you need the perfect blend of control and accuracy! You can expect a solid turn and fade for big distance. On backhands you should be able to hyzer flip it to flat and then have it come back with a moderate fade!

It complements the Volt nicely as a longer option!

Timelapse - Best Overstable Distance Driver

Flight Numbers - 12 | 5 | -1 | 3



The Axiom Timelapse is the second Simon Line disc to make our bag! Its flight ratings are the same as a Destroyer's. It functions as the main distance driver in your bag. If you have a powerful sidearm you may opt to use the Timelapse over the Photon.

Timelapse's are stable out of the box but very reliable! We recommend bagging multiple and beating some in.

Catalyst - Neutral Distance Driver

Flight Numbers - 13 | 5.5 | -2 | 2



The Catalyst is your go-to when distance is the primary focus of your shot. When you're out in the open and placement isn't an issue you can use the Catalyst to achieve massive distance! It has great glide, and enough understability and fade to produce big S flights!


MVP Disc Sports have taken the disc golf world by storm in recent years with their soaring popularity! The number one cause is their awesome disc lineup! Any player would envy a bag like the one we just covered.

Check out all the discs through these links.




If you're excited to build an all-MVP bag we recommend you incorporate the discs on this list into your bag one by one! This way you can learn each disc thoroughly and make any necessary adjustments!

Do you see a slot missing in this lineup? Have a disc that you feel should be in the MVP dream bag? Let us know in the comments!

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