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The Best Discraft Discs - Building an All Discraft Bag

Are you building an all Discraft bag? I'm Bradley a disc golfer and writer at DGD. A couple of years ago I decided to rebuild my bag entirely to include only Discraft Discs. You may ask why? Well, the primary reason was that I needed an excuse to pick up some more plastic. It's that simple!

Besides picking up some sick new plastic there are more logical reasons to go all Discraft.

  • Massive range of disc golf discs.
  • High-quality plastics
  • Wide range of plastics
  • Sweet special editions
  • Endorsed by top pros such as PmcB and Anthony Barela
reasons to build an all discraft bag with top pros, best plastic, different plastics, and a wide range of disc golf discs

To learn more about Discraft read our company overview.

Long story short, I'm writing this article on the best Discraft discs to share my experience and direct anyone who wants to do the same to the best discs!

To keep this organized I've separated the best Discraft disc golf discs into groups. We have putting putters, throwing putters, mids, fairways, control drivers, and distance drivers.

In each section, I aim to feature at least 3 discs. One overstable, one stable, and one understable. The purpose of this approach is to build the most well-rounded bag possible!

These are all Discraft's best-selling discs so we can rest assured they're the best of the best! If you acquire all of these discs and spend a little time learning them you'll have the tools to tear apart any course!

Watch this playlist of Discraft's pro's in the bag videos to get an idea of how some of your favorite players have built their all Discraft bags!



We've written flight reviews for a few of these discs. You can click through to them for more detailed information on a disc, and to see every edition and plastic we have for sale on DGD!

See all our Discraft discs here.

Best Putting Putters

disc golf putting greens with disc golf baskets

Let's go through this slow to fast! We'll start off with the best Discraft putters for use on the green. In my opinion, the Discraft Luna is the best putter in the line. I still use them to this day.

Discraft PmcB Luna - Beadless

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | 0 | 3



The first thing I want to say is don't be put off by the flight numbers! The Luna has a much straighter flight path than suggested!

To me, the standout feature of the Luna has to be how it feels in the hand! It has a perfectly rounded rim with no bead at all! Discraft's Special Rubber Blend only makes it better! No need to compromise on grip, even in the wet!

The Luna isn't an overstable disc, but does have just enough fade to make it ridiculously consistent!

Read our Luna flight review.

Brodie Roach - Most Neutral

Flight Numbers - 2 | 4 | 0 | 1


The Brodie Smith Roach is very similar to the Luna! Once again the rim is nicely rounded and beadless. The Roach is made with a unique plastic, which in my experience feels like Special Rubber Blend but just slightly less rubbery. If you want a dead straight putter with a comfortable beadless rim and a touch more glide try out a Roach!

Discraft PmcB Kratos - Beaded and More OS

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | 0 | 3



Do you like the sound of the Luna but you prefer beaded putters? The Discraft Kratos is essentially a beaded Luna. It's also slightly shallower and has a touch more overstability! While the Kratos is undoubtedly awesome for putting the Kratos has a secret purpose. Keep reading ;)

Best Throwing Putters

target with a disc golf basket in the center to signify the accuracy of throwing putters

We did an in-depth article on the best Discraft throwing putters which you can read if you want to dig deeper. These will also be some of the best Discraft discs for beginners as putters are the best option when you've just started learning how to throw.

When I was building my bag finding a throwing putter from Discraft was one of the hardest slots to fill! Thankfully this has changed with the recently released...

Discraft Kratos - Best Throwing Putter

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | 0 | 3



Where the Luna fell short the Kratos excels, as a throwing putter! Luna's in my opinion are too deep and understable to be reliable throwers. The Kratos is more overstable, and has a slightly shallower feel!

What the Luna did do was fly really far! Now the Discraft Kratos gives us the best of both worlds! Note that the Kratos flight numbers would be more accurate if rated with a fade of 2.

Zone - World Class Forehand Approach Disc

Flight Numbers - 4 | 3 | 0 | 3



The Zone is possibly the best forehand approach disc in the world! You can read this article on the best forehand approach discs to do a deep dive.

The Discraft Zone is shallow with a flat top. It has the overstability to resist torque and wind, providing the consistency your short game is craving! In short, it's the perfect forehand approach disc! The Zone is one of the best-selling Discraft discs, generally coming just behind the Buzzz.

There's another secret to the Zone! Get some in Jawbreaker! These have amazing grip and beat in steadily for straighter flights! I recommend you get on premium plastic Zone, and then two Jawbreaker Zones!

Read our Zone flight review.

Discraft Roach

Flight Numbers - 2 | 4 | 0 | 1



The Roach is a great throwing putter in premium plastics. It has glide and a straight flight for impressive distance! The only drawback is that they aren't particularly shallow, although some might prefer this.

Best Midranges

Discraft has a pretty solid lineup when it comes to stable and overstable mids. They also have quite a few understable mids, but none of them really took my fancy. Read on to learn a little hack!

Discraft Buzzz - Stable Midrange

Flight Numbers - 5 | 4 | -1 | 1



It's no surprise that the Buzzz made this list! It's the most popular disc golf disc of all time and by far the most popular Discraft Disc! I've been loving them for at least four years now!

The Buzzz brings that trusty workhorse midrange flight in every regard! It has enough glide to go far, but not enough to make it unreliable! It's a little more stable than suggested, adding to the consistency! Buzzz's are great in any plastic and you should bag a few for some disc cycling.

A little secret... try out some Jawbreaker Buzzz's. These are perfect for disc cycling, allowing for slightly tweaked flight paths! Once you've beaten a JB Buzzz in significantly, hey presto! You've filled the understable midrange slot perfectly!

Read our Buzzz flight review.

Discraft Sol - Understable Midrange

Flight Numbers - 4 | 5 | -3 | 0



The Sol is a sweet little utility disc that can be a lifesaver on shorter technical holes. Use it for short turnovers, or hyzer flip it on shorter tunnel shots! Just be warned it's not going to be reliable on windy days!

The Sol is too understable to handle full power. That's why I recommend beating in a Jawbreaker Buzzz as well.

Discraft PmcB Malta - Overstable Midrange

Flight Numbers - 5 | 4 | 1 | 3



Paul McBeth's Malta is here to fill our overstable midrange slot! The Malta is not quite as overstable as suggested. I find it complements my Buzzz's perfectly! Use it when you need a meathook, or the wind is trying to play tricks on you!

The Malt also has a decent amount of glide. This helps me to throw it a fair distance, even with the overstable flight!

Best Fairway Drivers

disc golf players using the best discraft disc golf discs on a disc golf course

Discraft has a bunch of awesome fairway drivers and selecting the best was no easy task! With a little trial and error, I give you my suggestions! Fairway drivers are an essential part of any bag that can often be overlooked! Don't do that, try out these molds!

Discraft Cicada - Stable Fairway Driver

Flight Numbers - 7 | 6 | -1 | 1



The Cicada is one of Discraft's latest fairway drivers and yes, it's awesome! You can throw it with a small hyzer have it flip up and turn, and then the late stability kicks in and it fades back! This is a great option for distance and straight lines in the woods!

Read our Cicada flight review.

Want a little extra speed and something slightly straighter? Try a Discraft Passion.

Paul McBeth Athena - Overstable Fairway Driver

Flight Numbers - 7 | 5 | 0 | 2



The Athena will be a go-to in any Discraft player's bag! You can rely on it for a long straight flight with a strong and dependable overstable finish!

This is a must-have on open golf-style courses that feature long approaches! It's also great in the woods for holes that require a fading finish, backhand, or sidearm! The Athena gives you those legendary Teebird vibes!

Discraft Sting - Understable Fairway Driver

Flight Numbers - 7 | 5 | -2 | 1



Lastly, we have the Discraft Sting filling the understable fairway driver slot! This is the disc to use for big turnovers that don't fade back! An especially useful disc if you don't have a reliable or powerful forehand! The Sting is more like a -3 turn in my experience.

Best Control Drivers

Do you want distance but with control? Discraft has you covered with a ton of great discs! I had to filter out the best to find the best of the best!

Discraft Undertaker - Stable Control Driver

Flight Numbers - 9 | 5 | -1 | 2



The Undertaker is an extremely popular Discraft Disc! It's a workable go-to that will be a staple in your all Discraft bag! Use it for distance with accuracy, and just about any shot shape you wish!

The Undertaker can hold hyzer, straight, and anhyzer lines! Like the Buzzz it has enough glide to go, but not enough to make it inconsistent! It has a very comfortable feel in the hand and can be used for sidearms as well!

Discraft Raptor - Overstable Control Driver

Flight Numbers - 9 | 3 | 0 | 3



The Raptor is a must-have in your Discraft bag! It's an overstable driver that you can trust in any situation! Players who have developed sidearms with love this disc for forehand! Use this backhand when throwing into a headwind, or just when you need a meathook!

As a utility disc, the Raptor can also be used for flex shots, forehand rollers, tomahawks, and thumbers!

For players with very powerful forehands consider the Captain's Raptor. This Paul Ulibarri version of the Raptor has considerably more overstability so it can take even more sidearm juice!

Avenger SS - Understable Control Driver

Flight Numbers - 10 | 5 | -3 | 1



The Avenger SS is there for you when you need big glidey backhand turnovers! Players could also double this as a roller, although I prefer to use the Discraft Heat for that.

An Avenger SS will be perfect for long hyzer flips and massive turnovers, which is crucial when you don't have a powerful sidearm!

Best Distance Drivers

disc golf driving range

Roll out the big guns, it's time to list the best Discraft Distance Drivers! These will help you to achieve untold distance off the tee. Be warned new players, you'll have to perfect your form with putters and mids before DDs actually increase your max distance!

Paul McBeth Zeus - Stable Distance Driver

Flight Numbers - 12 | 5 | - | 3



The Zeus may not seem stable by the flight numbers but if you have a semi-powerful arm they aren't as overstable as suggested. To have them even less stable try to get one with a flatter top. The Zeus will fly far, but is not so overstable as to lack accuracy!

Read our Zeus flight review.

Discraft Force - Overstable Distance Driver

Flight Numbers - 12 | 5 | 0 | 3



I am personally still in love with the Force! It's a driver that you can trustand it can be beaten in for massive distance! I bag five.

Sometime down the road in your disc golf game, you start to realize it's not all about distance! That's why I prefer to throw the Force straight with a small amount of turn and then a strong fade back for accuracyEven if it's not as far as a big curving S-shaped shot that you can throw with a more understable disc.

You can trust the Force in the wind, and use it to fade around corners with a meathook. The Force is also a great forehand disc that has the stability to handle powerful throwers!

Look for flat-topped ESP Forces if you want more understablility. If you want something with a stronger fade try a domey Force in Z plastic.

Read our Force flight review.

Discraft Crank - Understable Distance Driver

Flight Numbers - 13 | 5 | -2 | 2



You're standing on the tee pad of an open hole. There are no hazards or OB, placement is not an issue. All you want to do is throw something ridiculously far! You can reach for the Discraft Crank in these situations!

The Crank when thrown with the correct amount of power will turn for days, before coming back with a forward-pushing fade! When you're simply looking for pure distance you'll want a disc like the Crank in your all Discraft bag!

Bonus Discs

list with a trash can beside it filled with our bonus discraft discs that didn't make the our best discraft discs list 

Unfortunately, some of Discraft's best discs didn't get onto my list! Here are a few of the close ones to give you a couple more options.

  • Heat - A great disc for rollers and turnovers.
  • Fierce - A putter for short turnovers.
  • Wasp - Beat in a CT Wasp to get a Buzzz with slightly more turn.
  • Archer - Another understable midrange option from Discraft.
  • Passion - A longer and straighter stable fairway driver.
  • Scorch - An understable and glidey distance driver perfect for beginners.
  • Anax - An overstable control driver great for sidearms and controlled drives.
  • Venom - A very fast and overstable distance driver for players with serious arm speed


While these are only recommendations, and I can't guarantee that you'll love every disc, this list is a great place to start building a Discraft bag! The whole process was a ton of fun, and I enjoyed learning new discs. All of the best Discraft discs are for sale at DGD so do us a favor and pick one or two up ;)

While having the right discs is an essential starting point, learning them is a step that can't be skipped! One way to do this is to slowly incorporate each disc into your bag one at a time. But hey, if you're just playing for fun why not change them all at once? You'll end up learning them quicker in the end!

This article from Green Splatter helps us build a bag the simple way. 

Compare all of Discraft's discs with their flight chart

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Discraft discs? 

The best Discraft discs are the Luna, Kratos, Roach, Zone, Buzzz, Sol, Malta, Cicada, Sting, Athena, Raptor, Undertaker, Avenger SS, Force, Zeus, and Crank. Some other popular molds include the Heat, Fierce, Passion, Captain's Raptor, Anax, Venom, Scorch, Archer, and the Wasp.

How do I build an all Discraft bag?

Use our guide listing the top Discraft discs to choose the right disc for each slot in your bag. You'll need to acquire the discs. You can either buy them new or maybe your disc golf buddies have some spare used Discraft discs that they're willing to part with. Once you have the discs you'll have to test them out and learn how they fly. Have fun!

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